Does she like you? For girls

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I decided to create a quiz if you want to take it. Also if you need advice then you can comment down below if you wish.

  • 1
    Are you friends with this person?
    Are you friends with this person?
  • 2
    Do you like them?
  • 3
    Does your instinct say they might like you?

  • 4
    Have they been acting differently around you? eg. Being nicer to you than they treat others, giving you stuff…?
  • 5
    Do they smile at you, even if they are self-conscious about it? (My friend had braces but still smiles at me!)?
  • 6
    If you asked them to help you with homework or work, would they do it for you?

  • 7
    Do they follow you on social media? If you don’t have any then are they always online on things like WhatsApp? Do they send you long texts?
  • 8
    How often do they hug you?
  • 9
    Do they always glance or look at you?
  • 10
    Are they in a relationship?

  • 11
    Do they send hearts when they text you?
  • 12
    If the person in question had a secret, who would they tell first?
  • 13
    Do their friends talk about you two or do they keep quiet?
  • 14
    Are their texts long or short?
  • 15
    Are you sometimes friend zoned?
  • 16
    Do they mirror your movements? Like for example, if you lean on a wall then they will too.

  • 17
    Back to the glancing- if they looked or stared at you and when you looked back at them would they:

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457 days ago
Hiiiiii!!!!!!! I’m in a similar situation where we’re really close friends and only a few people, my bff, my bi baby (bi friend) and dance friends who (put of 11 of them) only one of them knows her, know I have a crush on her. I have only known her for a year and I hug her from behind to surprise her every morning and I lay my head on her shoulder but because I haven’t known her very long she might think I’m like that to all my close friends but I’m not really very huggy cause bubs (my bff) doesn’t like huggs. My advice is to, if you have friends that are friends with her too but she doesn’t know your friends with them, get them to ask her if she likes you and if not kinda get close enough to her that it wouldn’t be weird for you to ask her out as a joke, you know?

In my situation, our joint friend is sidekick and I didn’t tell her and she now ships me with my crush which is a bit weird so you know…
479 days ago
Hiiiiiiiii! Omg I’m kind of in a similar situation 😂 Yeah I’m distancing myself too but whenever it’s just the two of us I always try to talk about something that brings us closer. I guess it just makes the both of us feel better after all. Also if you keep seeing a number then you should always check the meaning behind, it’s always interesting! She might be trying really hard to avoid you, so just always try to talk but don’t try too much (otherwise you’ll annoy her) and respect that maybe she needs space! I would defined recommend talking about something deep, when you get the chance. I have my fingers crossed 🤞 for you so good luck!
483 days ago
omg hi 🌸 ! so.. now we do have classes together, but its just really weird between the two of us, she once had a dream with me and acts really touchy with me but when i try to flirt, she sometimes just tells me she does not want me and its just so confusing, she always hangs out with this girl and they are really close, they are always together and it honestly makes me think they are dating but idk, this day we were the three together and she was playing with the other girl's hair and all that romantic stuff.. and she would look at me, and even my friends noticed and told me, she always skip the class we have together and it makes me think that she does not care if she sees me or not, or she leaves early and fast, like she didn't care. i also keep seeing the number 444, one of my fav angel numbers.. and hers too. i really like her, she is just everything i want and im slowly distancing myself bc i feel that she does not like me at all, and it really hurts.
pls help :(
485 days ago
Hi g! I would personally say that your friend likes you but she is probably a bit curious at the same time. Obviously you like her too so you should be grateful but obviously if she does something you don’t like then just gently tell her ‘no’. This sounds like one of those developing relationships that go slow but feel sweet, which is quite good. She probably ignores you at school because she might be conscious of others, but she clearly loves spending time with you. Have a lovely day and I hope I helped! 😊
485 days ago
Hi Sarah! Here are a few things you could do to stay in touch:
1) Ask her for her phone number (I’m sure she’d feel fine with that)
2) Maybe get to know her friends or anyone who has classes with her
3) Organise to somehow meet together
She’s clearly perfect for you so I’m praying it will all work out!
485 days ago
Hi Carly! So sorry for not responding for AGES… anyways…
I would say you should very slowly get to know her a little bit, just introduce yourself a bit so you come across as friendly. Obviously it would be a bit weird to randomly question her sexuality, and me being a conscientious person would never allow me to do that! So overall, just create a friendly bond between the two of you and maybe she will tell you herself?
Good luck ✨✨✨
492 days ago
and also sometimes she ignores me in school but when its just the two of us togrther we snuggle and hang out alot and its not as awkward but i accidentsly act akward around her because she treats me so nice and I'm not used to it so I dont really know how to respond to it
492 days ago
so i have a crush on my best freind and she has alot of freinds and hangs out with them alot and she is a inatimate freind but she treats me different than her other freinds and always snuggles with me and holds my hand and tells me I'm beautiful but she also does that with her other freinds but makes it a little more inatimate with me but she also was like that with me when she was dating someone but now she isnt dating anyone and she is being a little more intamate with me and she asked me if I had a crush on anyone and also double checked to see of I was lgbtq+ and idk if she is just curious or has a crush on me back or of she is just a really open amamd intamate freind but I was just curious if u guys had any answers for me
519 days ago
hey ! i need help . . . i met this girl on october, idk why but i felt so comfortable with her, i instantly fell in love when we started talking, she used to give me compliments but she only called me "hot" or "sexy" while she called my friends "pretty", this made me question if she liked me . . now, as time went by she started being more touchy with me, she once gave me one of her jewelry bc she did not like it anymore (thats what she said) another thing that was also really weird to me was that the day i met her she talked A LOT abt her sexuality . . . we have a lot in common and we also hold hands while talking, but she is also touchy and very flirty with a lot of girls.. she also talks to me abt guys she has kissed.. or just talk abt random guys lol :( i really like her, she also makes jokes abt dating me . . . i dont have her number and now we dont have classes together (╯︵╰,) idk what to do pls help.
521 days ago
She is also in a musical with me currently. I don’t to say the wrong stuff.
521 days ago
Also the the only person I have told is my cousin who is transgender. Luna I like I have known since august. And I was thinking of changing me from straight to lesbian before that but I’m scared and still don’t know. HELP
521 days ago
Hi, my name is Carly and I’m 12. I love my local theatre Davenport Junior Theatre. I was in a main stage of Winnie the Pooh when I met a girl named Luna. She is amazing but I think she gets bullied at her school. I can not help her with that. I am homeschooled. I love Luna but she’s super shy and I don’t want to be like, “Are you bi or lesbian or straight”. That would be weird. I need help.
527 days ago
Yay I am so happy my ‘do you like her for girls’ quiz is published!
531 days ago
Hello Isabelle! Well you certainly shouldn’t give up (that is a fact)! You clearly have a special bond with Addie, friends or more, so you definitely don’t want to spoil it. I think Addie is probably a bit more nervous or just scared of judgment from other people, so by interacting with you like that is probably just her way of coming out, which is completely fine because everyone is different 😊 But yes, she definitely does have some sort of feelings about you if she stares at you, it’s a natural habit you do if you like someone. So overall, you should just wait a little (like a few days or weeks depending on when you see her) and see if she continues, or maybe try and do something together (alone) and see if she does it when nobody else is there, that way you’ll be able to tell if she’s faking it or not (which I don’t think she is). If she truly means everything she does you can always make a move, whenever you feel comfortable. Hope I helped, if not I hope you still have a very merry Christmas 🎄!
531 days ago
BAckground info: Ok so ima be honest. Im 13 and in seventh grade. Im pansexual and I have known this since I was 10. The girl (Addie) I have been friends with for a few months.

Ok so this girl THIS GIRL she is gOrgEoUs, SMART, funny as hell, and all around AMAZING. She knows about my sexality and one day I told her and my friend owen I have a crush on a girl. Being my friends they listed like every girl in my grade. Then Owen says "Is is Addie Izzy?" (Izzy is my nickname) I turn and me and her spend 15 HOLY seconds blushing and staring into eachothers eyes then I break it turn to him and change the subject. The subject was brought up many other times and each time the same thing happened. I never said I did or didn't. (Eventually I told owen I did in priv) Me and addie always joke about dating we randomly hold hands in hallways, she hugs me from behind t my locker and in chorus bc shes behind me and we are always standing but those moments when its just us sitting in classes staring into eachothers eyes its like we are the only ones alive.

Everytime I bring up HER sexuality she either 1 says tHat'S kInDa gAy bRo or just flat out changes the subject.

HELP ME do I make a move, wait, ask again, or give up

535 days ago
Also idk why but my number has changed. Same 🌸 though!
535 days ago
Hello everyone! Me again…
In case this doesn’t get published here is my ‘Do you like her for girls?’ quiz. Hope you are fans of THE ‘Jella’ ship (if you have even heard of it). Enjoy :-)
551 days ago
Hi there! To be honest almost everything sounds fine except she is obviously into certain types of girls (you know what I mean I am just always scared if I phrase things wrong). I don’t think you need to worry as such but I would explain to her that you like her (if you do) and see her reaction. If she really loves you she would just accept who you are. It doesn’t matter what you are because you should be accepted. I can relate a bit, so just own it! Hope I helped and have a lovely day! :-)
552 days ago
So this is for one of my best friends at school. we met this year, and we're really, really great friends. we're doing the same sport at school and we're also just really close. she hugs me all the time and waits for me after classes, and lets me drag her around everywhere. two weeks ago, she got hurt and has been sitting out for the past two weeks, and last week I got hurt, and she tried to convince me to sit out with her. she doesn't really act like this around other girls-or people. we follow each other on instagram, and thats the only platform we message on. we have a ton of inside jokes, but I remember sometime during the first week of school she said she was only into asian girls, and I'm only half asian. I don't rlly know what to do?
554 days ago
Hi vampknot! Hope you’re ok. I guess yeah the problem is that she’s quite connected to everyone so it makes it harder to see if she returns your feelings. I would say try to track what her kind of (idk how to put this but) normal flirting pattern? And then compare that to how she flirts with you because if she treats you the same as everyone else then she is less likely to have a crush on you. But if she for example, compliments you more than everyone else then she will like you! Just obviously be careful you don’t stalk her because otherwise she’ll be a bit annoyed which you don’t want. So that’s my advice hope it helped! And good luck in the future!