For girls - Does she like me? (LGBTQ)

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So are you bisexual pansexual lesbian or something else that means you like your gender? Do you have a crush on a girl but you are not sure if she's into girls or you? Take this test to see if your girl crush could ever like you! By a Queer girl!

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    How close to her are you?

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481 days ago
sorry my phone was weird while writing that
481 days ago
I sometimes feel like I'll tell her because everyone thinks I have a crush on her and then say I'm a simp and😻but she's dating some one
483 days ago
Ashcat I'm happy for you. It's very nice knowing that their are people out there who are the perfect queer couple
I came out to my crush
And she said
She was straight
486 days ago
Happy happy happy! She likes me!
498 days ago
@Lalalala then you are probably questioning! It’s normal to feel this way. Explore it a little!
499 days ago
What do I do I thought I'm straight but I'm crushing on a girl helpp
502 days ago
506 days ago
She may like you, she may not. It's difficult to tell. Try to get to know her a bit better so that you can learn more about her and see what she's like. Right now you mostly don't know!
Remember this quiz may not be 100% accurate so don't let it make your decisions!

Well that's true I've been watching her for a while but can't find the courage to speak to her
506 days ago
I took this test and I don't even like anyone. What is wrong with me!?