Does she like you? (Lesbian)

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This is a test made for all genders. I am just putting it in the perspective of a Lesbian girl ;) also you this test is made for personality/love.

Thank you

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    Does she blush when your near her?
    Does she blush when your near her?

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237 days ago
I think I'm crushing on my best friend 🤦‍♀️ another one of her friends asked her out a few months ago and she said no cuz it would ruin the friendship. She didn't say no cuz she's straight, so maybe she likes me back, but if I ask her out I'm scared she's going to say no cuz it'll ruin the friendship 😭 idk what to do pls help me
299 days ago
@ I LIKE MY BFF HALP: i get how u feel. i also like a very close friend. she says she might be pan but all her crushes that i know about are or were guys. i came out as bi 3 days ago but i have liked her for 6. she knows i like her (due to my loudest friend who can only sometimes keep a secret and was overheard by her in this scenario) but we are both really chill about it. she hasn't mentioned it and i've only freaked out once so far. i think i have been friendzoned but we kinda had a "moment" today. we were talking at recess and i think she started to reach for my hand at one point. she seemed a little nervous tbh but i may have been misreading the "moment". anyone can respond if they know what to do
339 days ago
I never planned this, I just naturally got attracted to my BFF, who has never had a crush except recently had a fantasy video game character crush and has accepted it will never happen. I'm not sure if I wanna like her or not, but she is my best friend I've ever had, and I'm bi or lesbian. I HOPE SHE LIKES ME I THINK I LIKE LIKING HER HALPHALPHALP
350 days ago
So, this was a little sad for me, but I'll accept it and move on! (The person who made this is probably the nicest person ever in my opinion) :(
374 days ago
Also I like this guy more than her but I still like her a tiny bit
374 days ago
No she doesn’t like me back woah
459 days ago
Your very beautiful even if you aren't in your eyes. Love yourself have an amazing week!
460 days ago
460 days ago
i-im beautiful?!!! OMG ME HAPPYYYYYYY
469 days ago
Thank you glad you took it.
470 days ago
This is a nice a quiz to take