Does she like you?

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Whether or not you like her, this quiz will answer this question: does she or does she not like you! As a girl, I can help with that.

  • 1
    Let's start with a simple one: does she talk to you a lot?
  • 2
    Does she flirt with you a lot, or is she the shy-type?
  • 3
    Does she have a boyfriend, by the way?

  • 4
    Does she call you or does she chat with you on msn, skype, anything...?
  • 5
    Does she laugh at any joke you make?
  • 6
    Does she look at you? Be honest. For EVERY question if you really want to know!

  • 7
    Do people keep telling you she likes you?
  • 8
    Do you spend alone time with her? EVER? ( or spent)
  • 9
    Do you have anything in common?
  • 10
    Last question. But before I ask, I must say that if ever you have a problem, just send me an e-mail! This is if you really want to know. Kay? Or if you need advice. ;p There for you.
    Did you think about your future.. about children? Did you ever talk to her about one of those things?

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1821 days ago
Just be around him talk to him dont be shy around him try to find something that he likes that you like then talk about it with him. He'll think ya'll have things in common and start trying to talk about more stuff that he likes that you might like.
1822 days ago
Years and I need TIPS NOW
1822 days ago
Hi! If ur a boy, I need help. There is this HOTTIE and I need tip on how to get him to kiss or like me....... I’ve been crushing on him for
1828 days ago
Hecc,, uhm..I like this girl..and we’ve been friends for a while..I just want to tell her my feelings but I don’t know how..I get the feeling she likes me but she’s already taken,although her relationship is kind of’s like a long distance relationship.Anyways..we’re pretty close..she hugs me a lot nad so do I,, uhm..and we’ve had our moments like she kisses me on the head and such..but obviously it doesn’t mean anything right?Uhh and I am around her age like really close..but I’m shorter,,Hecc and I don’t know if I should tell her..I mean she is still in a I don’t want to ruin our is complicated..I need help..
1837 days ago
Im dab man and I think she like me but there’s another boy that makes her laugh but she still looks at me
1847 days ago
Hey boys I need ur advise! In like this boy and um... I really want to tell him but I moved schools an I don't have his number... what can I do? In was thinking to message my friend to tell him but I don't trust her cuz she might say Stuff like "hey Josh u know olivia likes u and she wants to make babys" OMG I would kill her if she said that... war can u do?
1864 days ago
so- im Rick. im pretty smart but im psychopathic so i have no empathy, i really like this girl called Sara but i cant tell if she likes me too. we are in the same group of people and we both watched a movie together, ate pizza at dominos- and she is just the nicest person i can imagine to me but... she is more of the popular type of girl and im a nerd, i mean... sure im the one in our group that looks nothing like a nerd.. ok maybe a little bit- but the point is: i think she is out of my league, but my best friend said she definitly is into me... but another guy said she definitly is not. im confused now and i really like her :l
1865 days ago
So, funny story: I am a little over 6’ and she’s an inch schort of 5’ (for people who don’t follow along with the apostrophe, it means “feet”). She is very uncomfortable with her size, so, I did a little thing to boost her self esteem. I always see her in this area called the buy, which is just under the stairs and second floor. Anyway, I got there before she does, and the first few spots under the stairs were WAY too low for me. (I’d have to crouch so I wouldn’t hit my head.) So, I went to a more roomy area. Sure enough, in maybe 5 minutes, she came walking right in front of me, so I let it roll. “Hi, E... OW!” (Intentionally bangs head) “Oh, I’m telling you, being tall has its disadvantages...” We both laugh at me, and I hopefully helped her feel more comfortable in her own skin. Her eyes sparkled, and I felt no pain in my forehead.
1889 days ago
I don’t flirt with anyone but her.
1894 days ago
skummbagg locker note noice iove this girl in my class (i think she likes me alot)
1895 days ago
from experience, what you should do is put a note IN the locker through the vent hole. If you put it on the outside of the locker, the hole school will know who you like and then if you get rejected like me everyone will know that too
1895 days ago
i pulled a note on the locker once
1897 days ago
So Valentine's day is coming up and I helped one of my friends plan to confess her love to a guy and she asked me, "do you have a plan to confess?" And i replied with no, do you have any suggestions on how to tell her, ps i took the quiz and you tond me to make the first move because she was to shy.
1907 days ago
my two best friends are female one of them is super flirty and the other talks too much. I asked the flirty one out last year and she kind of rejected me by default (silence:says yes then dumps you :o or says no and rejects you :o neither works.)and the other one who talks to me way too much seems to like me but I dont want to ask her out because last two times people said someone likes me, not good results. not that i thought they liked me anyway, but talky girl confessed to liking me a few years back and denies she still likes me. what do i do???
1938 days ago
I really like this girl in my class called Tye and she is so pretty I just hope I go out with her because I would do anything for her