How To Tell If My Best Girl Friends Likes Me? Quiz

Navigating the intricate maze of friendships and emotions can often be both exhilarating and puzzling. Sometimes, those prolonged glances, intimate conversations, and inexplicable feelings can make you question if there's something more than just platonic affection. Through this quiz, we aim to shed light on those ambiguous interactions, providing clarity on your best friend's potential feelings for you. Whether it's a budding romance or a testament to the depth of your bond, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Let's embark on this journey of discovery together!

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    Do you have her number? And, do you text and/or call her?

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115 days ago
I just had a dream that it was Valentine’s Day and she gave me a card what said if I wanted to be more than friends and I’m myself a girl so and our birthday is on the same day
261 days ago
gonna go for it
261 days ago
no way my bff likes me there is just no way we have been friends for 9 years now i mean I like her two but shes with so many guys but i think I'm
338 days ago
My bff likes me?I don't know of that's true...I've known her for almost 7 years so since i was two
447 days ago
You need a no friends option, cause niether of us have any friends
654 days ago
This is my Result...
So, what is UP with this person? Looks to me as though there's a possible chance. If you keep going as you have been, you'll certainly have a strong chance to go out with her some day. Don't force it, but do be encouraging. I wish you the best of luck and hope it goes great!

Lol, firstly I don't think I am the only one but if I am... So, I only took this quiz as a girl to find out how my crush's POV is... (He's name is Aaron)

Hi @:3 I see you've been helping people, I was wondering if you could help me with this test The one

What Does He Think Of Me? The Crush Quiz.

My username was Sophia in da house.

Anyways boys if u have Help for me I would be Happy if you can help me on that too. (PLEASE REPLY ON THAT TEST NOT ON THIS ONE :D)

790 days ago
Omg, I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier :(
My advice would be: go for it, tell her how you feel. I'm probably gonna do the same ...
So, all the best luck in ... life, I guess :)
790 days ago
Omg, you sound like a super sweet person UwU
Although this is a little late good luck with your friend!
I got the same result and I think I my bff too (I'm pan and she's ... well, something queer, too, I know that much, none of my friends are straight XD)
Good luck, love, another weirdo XD
790 days ago
@Indian girl x
Umm ...
Girl, how would you know about all the girls in the world? Like, not every guy sends signals and some girls, like me, like to.
It's never this easy to just say what boys and girls do.
Please, just let go of those stereotypes and just try to see people as people.
914 days ago
Realisation: im bisexual
942 days ago
I took this test and my best friend like me?! I can't believe she actually felt this way all along. We've known each other for about 5 months now but it feels like a year. She is so cute and hugs me, she always says she misses me after an hour. I honestly like her too. We kiss sometimes.... I'm dutch and she's american ;w;
980 days ago
I think she’s giving signals she likes me because we play ACNH together and she always gives me stuff out of no where and today she played the song, “I love you” at the K.K. Slider concert... she’s prob trying to be nice but idk... also, Idk if I’m bi/lesbian/straight or not, but I think I like her...
1016 days ago
If we give signals to girls ( Btw I'm bi ) that is just them but its different for boys.
1016 days ago
This is just wrong whoever who wrote this quiz is wrong cause im a girl and we dont even do any of that like😐Us girls dont even show signals we just play it cool and u can misunderstand us girls cause we might give u signals but it could mean different that like For example

Example: Lets say my name is kayla right and my friend is jake and I have a crush and I give a signal to him. but my friend jake would think I did it to him and he would be misunderstood me.

Technically u boys can misunderstood us girls very easily.
1037 days ago
Hi, so um.. my best friend showed me a lot of signs if she likes me. She stares at me sometimes, and it's really cute- She said she missed me after one lesson and hugged me in the back. I don't know if this is normal but, I really like her. I tried out this quiz and apparently she might like me? I just need to do one more thing to amaze her. I've known her like a year, and she seems like she's bisexual (just like me-) also, I'm a girl too I like any gender. Anyway, if you like your friend and she likes you, congrats!
1048 days ago
I like one of my friends (we are both bi) and like we talk 24/7 and we share a lot of common interest. I told her I liked someone but I didn’t tell her it was her cause IM NOT THAT CONFIDENT but like She like different from other people she doesn’t do like the normal things people would usually do to tell if a person likes you are not, so I just think she doesn’t like me. Which is totally fine, but we haven’t seen each other for a long time cause Covid ;-; but she always comforts me, and tells me not to say bad things about myself... and like she recently told me that she liked someone, so now I don’t know what to do
1054 days ago
So... I really like my best friend... a bit too much. We talk like every day over text. We have called once or twice, but it's a bit awkward to get talking when we haven't seen each other in a long time (HELLO COVID IM LOOKING AT YOU). Usually, we text on a small group chat with just close friends, but there's some p-messaging in the mix. I know I'm her favorite friend and she is mine and she's Bi but I can't COMMUNICATE AGH. Like I'm 70% sure she doesn't like me LIKE me but gosh I feel obligated to tell her?? Every day I'm just dying to tell her but I can't find the right way to say it. Or rather, type it. Sorry for this weird rant from a stranger you don't know, Vale!
1081 days ago
I have this friend who I really like (we are both girls) but idk if she's lgbt or not. She once got really mad when I told her about my homophobic mom (I haven't come out to her yet) and told me that i shouldn't listen to my mom and it's okay. She cares, she's adorable, she's fierce with a soft side- shoot my face is covered in blush again 😑 if y'all can reply, any advice. If not I'm stoopid
1088 days ago
Ok so I have this one friend that I think likes me. She always stares at me during lunch and we hangout all the time. I’ve taken like 50 million tests to see if she likes me and they all say to give it a shot should I? She also says she straight but has only told me that she thinks she might be bi. (Im bi) So I don’t know.
1132 days ago
I rlly like my girl bestfriend we used to date she tild me she loved me but then said you deserve better and we broke up I never got to tell her I love her I want another chance to so I took this test to see if she still has those feelings for me