How To Tell If My Best Girl Friends Likes Me? Quiz

Here's a quick little quiz to see if she likes you! Because you know you want to know! Take it now and see if you should take a chance on romance with a friend - or should run away as fast as you can, screaming your head off. Try it now and know in a few minutes!

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    Do you have her number? And, do you text and/or call her?

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1032 days ago
Only if she didn’t send me a
1046 days ago
I clicked on this test to make sure my friend liked me. I’m pretty sure she does though she confessed her relatives keep telling me but I don’t feel the same way. I just wanted to see if her love was true.
1057 days ago
So i havent seen my bff lately bc of quarintine. But just the other day she sent me one of those picture vids with music and one of the pics i saw and i was like ●0●. Idk if its bc shes already really pretty in general but i was getting butterflies in my stomach. Shes bi and im bi soooo yeah....
1077 days ago
my best female friend is telling me that she doesnt want to get married to a man and she plans to have a baby but without marrying what confuses me is her feelings towards me,does.she want to be with me because i am straight and she says she is straight too
1085 days ago
I have a bestfriend. I have ahuge crush on her. (may even be in love) and I decided to tell her. She told me she didnt like me back but ha kissed me five times and asked me if I still liked her.
1128 days ago
how do I know if my girl best friend likes me back
1132 days ago
So I was playing Minecraft with my bff(aka,my crush) and I found her Minecraft diary and she said I could read it so I did and it said
“I like like like *dont want to say my real name*but she prob don’t like me back :(. *again, not saying my real name* will u be my gf? ;(“ uhh YES! I WILL! Of corse I like her back😊😊😊
1138 days ago
So I kinda like my bff holly but I’m bi and she is not wut the flip do I do.she means the world to me and I think she might like me to tho so I’m happy!🥰🥰
1138 days ago
I'm Just trying to find out if my friend likes me. I have the BIGGEST crush on her (I Might be in love) what should I do?
1152 days ago
Whoops i posted it twice XD
1152 days ago
Boi who else here is a girl and took dis boy test? XD lol. Anyways im gay and it said my bff (lydia) Likes me >w< ive taken this test a million times emotions change girls are weird, XD im not trying to be mean to any girls!!! I am a girl 2! But anyways

im only 10,

im short,

I kinda like both of my bffs (Vivian And Lydia),

I told them i was gay,

And they act all flirty (but idk if there gay too!!!)

I have no self esteem and i have depression so i dont
think anybody really loves me XD that sounded wrong!!!

1152 days ago
So I’m straight and my friend and I well, we get along so WELL! At first when she was a new student she said she thought I was popular, and I thought she was a mean girl😂. Well I saw her sitting alone at lunch so when my friends talked to her I was shy and she was still shy too, my other friends weren’t in my class, only she was. Now we talk a lot and are really close! She tells me she misses me over text and sends heart emojis! I do too. But I like her as a friend. I’m straight but sometimes I think girls are REALLY cute, but not a crush, not a desire. She also once said “I’m gay” out of nowhere. So then I started saying I support her and stuff, and then she said she was joking. I got really mad so I stopped texting her for the rest of the day. At school when she was scared she would always hide behind me and grab onto was weird. I don’t like her, but this test says she likes me, but it confused about her feelings. I’m straight but I’ve had some girls like me..I don’t know what to do! What do you guys think?
1212 days ago
i have boyfriend but my best friend end our friendship she in love with me but now i realises im in love her and i do i love my boyfriend ,
1237 days ago
(I’m a girl) One of my best friends (girl obvsly) keeps telling me that she has a crush on someone. When I once asked her who, she responded with ‘hmmm’. Also she’s very touchy. Problem is that idk if I like her or not :/
1261 days ago
I have a best friend who I developed feelings for 2 years after meeting her. It’s harder to confess because I don’t know if she is into girls! I hope this answer I got is true❤️!
1270 days ago
So I just commented and yes I'm the same person that said that one of my classmates said that she likes me btw I dont like her like that.
1270 days ago
So im a girl and my bestfriend is a girl and one of my classmates were like she likes you because look at the way she plays or moves her hair when she looks at you. I was like she doesn't like me then I told my friends what happened and they are girls and are friends with her. They were like yeah she probably does and I know she doesn't but I mean they actually convinced me so I try to do my research if she might like me and all of them said probably this quiz said she likes me and I'm nervous I mean she has a bf but idk. Mostly all the people i asked said yes. We always hug and she holds on to my arm we text and talk to eachother alot idk. Tell me what you guys think
1289 days ago
Im really scared man im a girl and best friend is a girl and i like her so it says she might like me omg omg omg omg omg omg so pushy add in the comments what should i do. -gulps-
1344 days ago
How To Tell If One Of Your Girl Friends Likes You
Possible chance. If you keep going as you have been, you'll certainly have a strong chance to go out with her some day. Don't force it, but do be encouraging.

um i dont like him your 😍 right i dont but he likes.
1445 days ago
Am I the only one who takes these for myself just to see if how much I like my crush is noticeable