Does Your Crush Like You? (Guys Only)

I'm a girl, and believe me, I've had crushes! So I think I am pretty well qualified to judge how girls who are crushing act. Is the girl you like giving you mixed signals? Or is she just a friend? Is she into you and likes you back? Find out now!

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    When was the last time she talked to you?

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14 days ago
This quiz is straight capping. Every other one was like 90٪ besides this one. It said I was 40 percent
22 days ago
k, im speaking for all girls out thwre(im one 2) they REALLY want you to ask them out. even if they say no theyll be nice about it unless your crush is a popular ugly drama queen. then she wont be nice. sorry if this isnt helping. ask her out!
26 days ago
Haha.. im a girl and i put down what he would put. EXACTLY RIGHT! Just ask me out already!:)
38 days ago
I just want to ask her personaly if she likes me but i just dont know :(
40 days ago
I have loved my crush for two years
68 days ago
Lol ‘Sooooo- I’m a girl too and the exact same thing happened to me. I too have to fix this. 🥲
68 days ago
So- I’m a girl and put what I think my crush would put lol.
But it says I’m giving mixed signals! 😭
I have to fix this
72 days ago
im 15 and most of the other tests i took told me i was in deep love(i answered all of them truthfully) but this test shows she doesnt like me im sad
83 days ago
i now hate my life more than i did before! :)
105 days ago
I am killing myself cuz no one would care.
105 days ago
I'm Bisexual... My crush is a girl... I'm a girl...
111 days ago
Ok a girl and i put myself in my crushs place and answered all these questions ...and i got something like the gorl has mixed feelz for u...well its true i do...i dont really know weather i hav an accuall crush on him but i hope so guys here vould give me advice😂😅.....but anyway be sure to tell ur girl how u feel about her and she will deffinately like u not saying make a quick move...just give her a few signs and she will find out wat u are to her...and its deffinately ok even if she doesnt like afvice~dont make her feel uncomfortable cause sometimes ...sheight have feelings for u to but wants to respect ur friendship and stay on the friend zone...❤✨i rlly hope u get ur u ❤✨byee!
114 days ago
Hi Guys/Girls,
I just want to say, dont let this quiz destroy you, its not 100% accurate, i took this quiz like few months ago, i got "friendzone" Something like that, but i confessed either way, and turns out really good, we are now dating.
And im not going to say this is 100% false, its only my experience, some might be true and some might not be true, but its said to be 70% accurate.
If you really want to know that your crush like you back then confess.
122 days ago
Hello !!!, if you aren’t confident about the boy liking you or not, you should either tell him in person that you do or send him a letter on Valentines Day
123 days ago
this quiz is bogus. it totally doesn't work. my crush has to like me
145 days ago
Oh go to Name Dictionary and if you look up there name it can actually tell you a lot about them!
145 days ago
Okay This Test worked for me. P.s I'm a girl and what it said was pretty much true i have a 3 boyfriend but have dropped them all like a rotten egg because mostly what girls don't like about boys is that there sneaky and most cheat on you. So boys this is advice to you. Oh and Sit By a girl at lunch on day it will get there attention and won't go unnoticed by us Girls.
167 days ago
Oh and congratulations Mr. Nour Mohammad Adnan Alshaoeash.. Not everyone's lucky enouh to have that.... interesting name btw ✌👍
167 days ago
umm.. just an innocent (bored) girl walking by...soo.. dont mind me, gentlemen

oh and btw girls like guys who are... umm.. honest? idk dont try to change yourself.. lmao i have no idea what im sayin' rn XD
169 days ago