Is She Crushing on Me? Quiz For Guys

As a girl who's had tons of crushes, I think I am pretty well qualified to explain how girls act when they're crushing. Is the girl you like giving you mixed signals? Find out if she's really just a friend or if she's actually into you. Take this test now!

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    When was the last time she talked to you?
    When was the last time she talked to you?

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12 days ago
My crush is 12 and im 15
70 days ago
I have a school crush to in second grade
99 days ago
am kid. done 5 tests. school crush
159 days ago
YAY! Dragon likes me!
168 days ago
I took this to see if it was obvious I liked my crush, but I got: From the answers you gave, it looks like she's not into you.:( I am so sorry to have to say it.

This will sound harsh, but from the answers you gave, it looks like she probably doesn't even want to be friends. It could also be that she just doesn't know you very well; or if she does know you, she doesn't care.

.......I actually do make it pretty clear I like my crush....Its a guy BTW. Should I-what? Be more flirty???? We don't talk, btw.
173 days ago
i did like now 30 of these quizzes and she LIKES me
185 days ago
meh I dont think this is accurate
190 days ago
It said she liked me i kinda knew just wanted to make sure i have never been happier in my entire life
201 days ago
I did the quiz and she LIKES me
201 days ago
idk if you are reading this but boislike2party good luck 🤞🍀
203 days ago
It says mixed signals, but I may tell her soon, wish me luck!
209 days ago
Idk selma acts
251 days ago
"She just wants to be your friend." Disappointed but I can't quite say that I'm surprised. For one thing, this is just a test, and secondly, being stuck in the friend zone is probably in the best interest for both of us, as is.
253 days ago
For 40% you are: Ready for your result?

She just wants to be your friend.

She likes you, for sure. But her feelings for you are like for a brother or a cousin, not a boyfriend. I'm sorry! It stinks to have this happen to you.


Bruh i did this in my crush's POV, and I like him a lot. This is an inaccurate quiz
254 days ago
it said she didnt like me but i feel like i got that answer since we barely talk or know each other
i always get super nervous/shy when i want to talk to her its usually her who talks to me
we have the same school and we dont have eachothers numbers
we talk shortly around 1-3 times a day
she is always seems happy when speaking to me
ive seen her stare at me blankly and also blush twice she plays with her hair A BUNCH
we are both 12 in sixth grade
269 days ago
Hi I'm Veni and I'm 10 years old and I have a crush on thisgirl called Madeline so Madeline if you have a crush on me tell me
294 days ago
I'm was the person named Rhone I just missed the 69 in my name
294 days ago
She and I are dating. We love each other. She is so pretty but I think so likes other people to. She was "pretend to like someone oles to make me jelus. She thought I like one of her friends so she did that but I was just talking to her. Please🙏 someone comment about this I need your opinion bros please.
305 days ago
Alright so she usually doesn’t look at me but gives hints that she doesn’t like me also hints she does. Once i was going to sit with my usual spot with my friend, but my crush (who’s name is Chloee) was there so me and my friends seats were there but I was too shy so I said “let’s sit somewhere else” How do I tell her I like her directly!
342 days ago
Guys if you need any advice with girls just ask your friend if you have a friend who’s a girl or ask your mom or grandma or aunt. People are there for you in this. It’s ok to like someone so dont be embarrassed to talk to a girl or something