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Does she like me? (very accurate! and for people ages 10-14)!

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Do you want to know if the girl you like likes you back? Here is the most accurate quiz. My friends tell me who they like and I could tell they weren't lying.

  • 1
    Does she talk to you?
  • 2
    Does she stare at you?
  • 3
    Does she flirt with you?

  • 4
    Did you ever hear her friends talking about you( in a good way) when they think you are out of earshot?
  • 5
    You walk past her and her friends. What do they do?
  • 6
    Does she know you and denies it to her friends?

  • 7
    Is she dating?
  • 8
    Is her feet pointed toward you?
  • 9
    Does she smile at you?
  • 10
    Last question: Does she pay attention to you when you're talking?

Comments (41)


51 days ago
Thanks to this quiz, I'm now certain! I'll tell her later this month!
198 days ago
she is competing with her friend it is weird. they both flirt with me and just after i took the test my who had been teasing me but not telling me who finally came clean and told me.
409 days ago
So uhm- I know I'm not supposed to be here but I'm a girl and I took this test to see if my crush knows I like him. It came out as 'She likes you and another person' even though I only like him. Is that supposed to happen or no?
585 days ago
Dang she likes me (!-!) !!
628 days ago
When I see her this is what my heart feels like, BOOM BOOM
631 days ago
idk if she likes me buuuuuuut when i take other quizzes it says ether does she like me? or YES she loves you
741 days ago
I she is always laughing with me is staring at me I hope she likes me I dont know how tell her
800 days ago
I think my crush mike like me. I had this happen before and I think it might happen again
867 days ago
Why is it always she likes u and another person. Btw Joseph go get her
890 days ago
I'm in 4th and shes cute she's says I am cute we aren't dating yet do you guys think we will date??
928 days ago
im not really sure if my crush likes me or not but my bff said she did because he hangs out with her a lot but I know she doesn’t like him I don’t know if I should believe him or not do you thing I should? Comment yes or no:)
1036 days ago
She likes me as a crush
1081 days ago
I think my crush likes me
1098 days ago
Good for you Kit Kat!
1106 days ago
Legend Bryan me too, but with 2 people
1111 days ago
I did 3 different crushes and they all came up as “she likes u keep it up” is this a scam or something. I didn’t enter in the same answers
1113 days ago
why are so many of the people commenting girls
1191 days ago
despret boy 5431 I’m a girl and I’d say yeah. Like if I don’t like someone then I don’t really care if they like me. Just how I feel sry if it isn’t very helpful :/
1193 days ago
this girl tells her friends to ask me if i like her 1-10 does that mean she likes me.
plz answer to this question anyone. 😧
1206 days ago
I checked to see if my crush came on here what it would say.. it said I liked him and it's TRUE! Lol I had to put a stupidity lens on my brain to take this as him. Good test.