Is She Into Me?

~Made by a girl!~

Good news! I am a girl and I know how other girls think, so your chances of getting an accurate result are much higher with my test. Find out if that girl you like, and maybe even think you love, feels the same way, too! Try my test now! P.S.: I also made, "Is He Into Me?" <3 It's for girls who have the same question about a guy they like. Good luck! I hope you get the result you want, but if you don't, it just means there is someone better out there for you!

  • 1
    How long have you known her?
    How long have you known her?
  • 2
    Are you two friends?
  • 3
    How do your conversations go?

  • 4
    Does she flirt with you? (Flip her hair, compliment you, blush, etc.)
  • 5
    Have you exchanged contact information?
  • 6
    Do you use the contact information you have?

  • 7
    Do you think she's into you?
  • 8
    Do her friends (whom you barely know) look at her for a second when you're around?
  • 9
    Does she have a boyfriend? Does she want a relationship? Is she lesbian/bisexual or a well-known tease? Does she live in a different state? Is she an iguana (or any reptile) or raising a kid two to six years old? (In other words, is there anything that makes your chances lessen?)
  • 10
    LAST one! All girls love a good attitude. How's yours?

Comments (10)


1595 days ago
I attracted to my school teacher. And she is really cute. We r met each other two or more time. I kissed her cheeks n she back to kissed me on my forehead. I have a question is she interested in me. I mean What I do??
1884 days ago
so um, it says she likes me, but my advice to u guys is to test the waters first.
cause 💗kkk i messed up bad. idea, we have beef now and she won't tell me what about. before this, we were really good friends, and now idek.
If u people have someone that likes u, keep them interested, don't bombard with msgs, and don't ask their best friends about them.
aka all the mistakes i made.
good luck :))
1894 days ago
Yup! I did it. It said she likes me and I told her I like her and she does like me. So yes it works for girls
1917 days ago
what if im a bisexual girl? still works?
2029 days ago
Idk if she like me she told me she bi and I’m the only friend out of our group that knows out of all her other friends she chose me and last time we went to the fair she wanted to go on rides with me like me and her and I yelled at a teacher and she knows I’m the calm when I get in trouble but this time I got pissed off and when I was in detention with her the teacher was mocking me so I yelled at her and she was telling me to calm down because I was so pissed and she touched my hand and that’s when I calmed down because of her voice if she wasn’t there I would have been still talking back to the teacher she also asked if I was ok when the teacher pulled different story so idk if she like me
2065 days ago
Dodie Clark is my actual wife
2076 days ago
We're out to each other (she's bi, I'm Ace and questioning romantic) and we have a few classes together. She doesn't have a lot of friends and I'm by far the closest. We talk daily, text openly and freely. She always compliments me and has recently been sending me 😘 emojis when one of us has to leave after texting. She calls me darling and beautiful a lot and I've seen her do this to maybe one other person, but extremely rarely. I'm still not sure if she's into me or just excited to have someone to talk to.
2076 days ago
I know that this girl is bisexual, and she's called me pretty a few times and texts me a lot but we don't talk very much at school and I don't know if she even likes me as a friend, please help!
2077 days ago
I need to know.... IS SHE GAY!?
2106 days ago
Uuuugggggg!!! I'm absolutely smitten with this amazing girl in my math class! The problem is, she has a boyfriend. And is WAY out of my league. Heeelllppp!!!