Test to See if a Girl Likes You

Like a certain girl? Here's a test I created to let you see if she likes you back! You know you're dying to know!:) Answer honestly, because you need to know the truth - and remember, all of this CAN change. Change is a fact of life - and you can often make it work for you, not against.

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    How often do you talk every week? (Texting counts.)

    How often do you talk every week? (Texting counts.)

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114 days ago
i met she does not have a phone
114 days ago
i have a really big crush on this girl she is sweet really cute but my girlfriend move to utah she does have a phone is that called cheating
120 days ago
yo there is all way grinding on me i think she might b gay she even tried to kiss me😨
165 days ago
bro, am bi and i have two friend and i do this bc i think one of my friend like me so i do.but when i do the first girl will that when so bad .but i try to do another friend of mine.bc i think she like me to.
179 days ago
I'm soooooo frustrated because i really like this girl and i think she likes me but we live in completley different states!!! 😭😖🤧
185 days ago
I'm with salty Bi girl
203 days ago
Im taking this test because i am extremely lonely and both my friends either have a boyfriend or their crush liked them back no one ever likes me lol we're 12 it's probably too early
214 days ago
the person that said Carbidee- Just Do it! If she says no Then just know that she is missing out on a Wonderful young person! OMG I TOOK THAT FOR GRANTED she loves me
254 days ago
I have taken this test a few times cause this girl is gold. I am 10 and just want to be friends but I am leaving next year I
I know where she live but I am to sceard to talk to her or even tell anyone who I like. Can you pls help me.
351 days ago
Wow, thank you man! I'll try It!
355 days ago
Carbidee- Just Do it! If she says no Then just know that she is missing out on a Wonderful young person!
365 days ago
There's this girl at school and I really wanna asks her out, but I am kinda worried she might say no or everybody will be laughing at me. Any advice PLEASE?
389 days ago
hi my name is tia
406 days ago
It said that she is shy, likes U and gives you eye contact all the time and smiles so be a man grow up and talk to her. and I did and she is interested in me.
428 days ago
I did this test with my GF and result were she doesn't like me, and did it the same but this time with my bf(girl) and got I like her
448 days ago
why is this test only meant for guys??? Im bisexual, 💑
484 days ago
All of u need to ask them out. If they say no, at least u know. Just gotta go for and if she says yes there is a good relationship. Go for it guys😉😎
499 days ago
she always asks me for hugs
522 days ago
I agree with the 2 comet
And i wont a girl
523 days ago
Were just mere kids almost in middle school so by then I hope something happens