Test to See if a Girl Likes You

Like a certain girl? Here's a test I created to let you see if she likes you back! You know you're dying to know!:) Answer honestly, because you need to know the truth - and remember, all of this CAN change. Change is a fact of life - and you can often make it work for you, not against.

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    How often do you talk every week? (Texting counts.)

    How often do you talk every week? (Texting counts.)

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981 days ago
I did this test with my GF and result were she doesn't like me, and did it the same but this time with my bf(girl) and got I like her
1001 days ago
why is this test only meant for guys??? Im bisexual, 😍
1036 days ago
All of u need to ask them out. If they say no, at least u know. Just gotta go for and if she says yes there is a good relationship. Go for it guys😉😎
1052 days ago
she always asks me for hugs
1075 days ago
I agree with the 2 comet
And i wont a girl
1075 days ago
Were just mere kids almost in middle school so by then I hope something happens
1075 days ago
Honestly we both aren't in the pursuit of love yet.... But I'm sure it will happen. She used to random hit me in the gut (a bit painfuly) and just follow me around in the friend group. Im sure she is into me just not showing...
1083 days ago
I kinda like this girl Lyla and I got that she likes me from this test. I may ask her out.
1165 days ago
Mine said she may not be interested in me. Or could be shy. I was hopin' mine wouldn't say that.
1172 days ago
dam I think this really works
1293 days ago
mine said that she likes me but i have to be a bit bad once bad a while
1419 days ago
wow I may have a chance
1480 days ago
Ehhhhhhh...it doesn't seem she's interested in you. Could be because she doesn't know you that well. She could also be super-shy. Or, she could also just not like you. Get to know her better to increase your chances. An awesome way to make her HAVE to hang with you is by becoming good friends with HER friends.

Left high school in 2012 along with all my friends including a girl that I had as a friend and had a small crush on. But she was already with someone else anyway, so it doesn't really matter anymore. But I do think about her from time to time. She was a good friend. Known her since primary school. Was happy at home anyway. 2017 came, got depression/anxiety for other reasons. January 2019, still suffering. Yup.
1492 days ago
I Love this girl named Ryan Cook. She Asked me To Fall Dance! :)
1499 days ago
Said girl likes me! I did other tests and got same answer. Will probably ask her out.
1520 days ago
So I'm a girl and I took this to see how my crush would think and it was nice
1540 days ago
she only reply with one or two words to my online text
1557 days ago
So I asked her if she wanted to be friends and she said she doesn't "make good friends" with guys but she did not day "no" help I'm so confused!!!
1616 days ago
you see i really like this girl and she works in a shop just beside the one i work,so i always sees her but no chance to talk to her but some times i caught her looking at me and when we make eye contact she breaks it quickly.just today i tried to talk to her on the streat but she avioded me and went on laughing with her friend but atleast i got her name before she left.pls tell me is she intrested or not.
1636 days ago
I think she like me CAUSE every time I look at her it appears that she was looking at me this whole time then when I look at her she turns away fast