Does She Love Me? For Guys

Are you eager to uncover the truth about that special girl you've been crushing on? Look no further, as we've designed this quiz to help you gauge whether or not she shares those elusive feelings. Navigating the realm of romance can be both exhilarating and perplexing, leaving you questioning the signs and hints you've observed.

Don't worry, take this tests and we will figure it out together!

  • 1
    Does she ever try to make eye contact with you for a moment, then look shyly away?
    Does she ever try to make eye contact with you for a moment, then look shyly away?
  • 2
    Scenario: Have you ever been talking to her, and she looks kinda lost?
  • 3
    Does she swallow a lot when you talk to her?

  • 4
    Does she ever scoot closer to you while smiling?
  • 5
    Does she hold her hands behind her back when you two chat?
  • 6
    This one takes courage to do. Stop this quiz and hold her hand. What did she do?

  • 7
    Almost there. Has she started to do stuff that you like, but know she isn't really a fan of?
  • 8
    Which of these words would you use to describe her when she's around you?
  • 9
    Does she work out? (Trust me here.)
  • 10
    Do you know if she talks about you to her friends?

Comments (16)


107 days ago
please never use punches in a quiz ever again because that means she hates you
107 days ago
💗 is this XDXDXD, this is really funny.
1807 days ago

I was literally 12 when I made this quiz y'all chill
1845 days ago
This is a nice test. I tried all of it and then he broke up with me and i didn't really know what to do, so i don't really trust this test a lot. But after all its my opinion.
1960 days ago
I can't tell what's going on with her most of the time, she rarely does nice things for me and says it's because I don't do them for her.
2001 days ago
she tries very much to meet me i have told her that i love her and then she smiles and goes nervoes she tries to spend lot of time with me and i know that she loves me heartly and i also
2285 days ago
I had a result that said she does like me but...I still have to smile at her,do what SHE likes and etc...
2286 days ago
50% dude, she is always shy and looking at me. And she laughs at everything I say. Maybe I am just funny.
2417 days ago
In 2008 suddenly i saw a cute girl when she was 14 of her age she also looking me, and then sometime i was came for her where i saw her but one or two time i aw her then came to know her resident home so i frequently visit out of her lane of home.she always come out and stare at me this matter ran till January 2016 during this period i made a friend live near her home, in 14th January 2016 i was stand with my made friend she talked to him about that;did not gone to terrace for flying kites ?when she comes i shy couldnt say anything i get nervous.right now she goes to job and comes near 8 pm but i never follow her i only awaiting for her at near her home when she come she stares me but when i look her she stares other direction.and 25 February 2016 i was with my friend she come to us with her parents and she talked with my friend i think it was pointing me what she told i dont remember. next day 26 February i was standing with my friend she was coming from job when she came near me she smile at me it was first time i got her smile but i could not talked with her or propose her i am afraid if she reject me what will be ?i am confused about it what can i do? right now she stares at me and when i look her she stares to other direction.please let me know what can i do and let me know is she loves me or not?
2560 days ago
i really love her....!!
2564 days ago
70% ∆.∆ funny thing is... it's impossible for this to happen... I'm... A hero....
2604 days ago
This test has broad my sense of love
2607 days ago
Some questions are far from my reach because she don't talk to me.
2609 days ago
I think she love to me,but she don't talk to me in straght
2679 days ago
I Think She Loves Me
2727 days ago
I Answered Some Questions But Some Are Not In My Reach Because She Never Does Em..