Does She Really Like Me? Quiz for 10 to 16 Year Olds

This is a foolproof quiz for guys only. Answer honestly to get an honest answer - makes sense, right? If you try to game the quiz and answer to get your desired result, you won't help yourself. This is for 10- to 16-year-olds only (but will be more accurate if you're at least 12 or 13). Good luck!

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    Most importantly, do you really like her?
    Most importantly, do you really like her?

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51 days ago
I took this from my crushes point of view and it said:
Hey, hey! Seems like she likes you fairly well. So that's really good. Now, try a bit harder! She is probably waiting for an honest expression or answer from you. You most likely love/like her a lot! This is exciting! I am glad for you!

Which is so true :) i like him fairly well. gl to everyone out there
58 days ago
I have a crush on a girl I have known for 4 years (Closer to 5 now.) I think she likes me back but I am too nervous to tell her. I have taken quite a few of these quizzes, and they all say that she likes me, but I am still nervous. All our friends are in one friend group, so I don't have any hints from them. What should I do?
93 days ago
I’ve had a crush the first time I saw this girl since a little before fifth grade and we have always been friends that talked infrequently (because of how shy I am around girls). But now it’s been over four years and I’ve noticed she looks at me during class a lot and turns away when I look back. I’m also crushing harder and harder. The only problem is I’m too shy to ask her anything or become closer to her as a better friend for the time being. What should I do?
96 days ago
I have a crush on a girl. My friends says she loves me so I sent a letter to her and tore it apart Infront of her mom, but when they left she snuck out and said she likes me. Do you guys think that she loves me.
127 days ago
@oliver thanks for the advice, my crush and i have been going very well! we talk sometimes
206 days ago
I have a crush on this girl, and i'm sure she likes me too. She stares at me during dance class a lot, it even looked like she was trying to show off her body to me, and she's actually started to warm up to me lately. She talks to me quite more now. It seems like she is always looking at me and always standing close to me frequently.
221 days ago
Hi Levi! I think that you should give her some time. Maybe ask her out after a month or so? It you think she didn't get the message tell her again
224 days ago
I told the girl I like that I like her but nothing has changed. Pls help! What should I do?
235 days ago
Hi Casey :) I have a question. I like my best friend and recently she came out as bi. I don't know if she likes me and I'm going to ask her but how do you deal with rejection? Thank you!!
245 days ago
I’m 12 and I’ve liked my current crush for 4 months now. And I keep on noticing her staring at me 3 times in pretty much every lesson. I’m in a different maths group to her but even when she walks past the classroom door she is still looking at me, these things have only been happening since my friend pranked me and told her and now she’s always staring. I’m telling you this guys. Girls can get super weird so be careful.
258 days ago
i’m 11 i really like this girl since 2nd grade grade. We’re in the same class, same school. I like her voice and her looks. She’s shy, ngl. my friends have been teasing me about it for a while and i might, just might ask her out or at least tell her i like her on the last day of school. wish me luck.
273 days ago
Girl w bf you are in both
278 days ago
Robbie - Sounds like she might like you!
279 days ago
hi plz help i love this girl you would already know if you read my other comments she blushes at sometimes and looks at me alot and is so happy to talk to me and so caring of me i was in the same class as here last year and my desk was so close to hers and we talked like every day anyway does she like me cuz im feeling pretty confident and she knows i love here
290 days ago
hey samantha i love you and please give me your elail and phone cuz remeber when we had zoom with techer and we chatted with the chat for the whole time (sorry about all the i love you stuff i just find her so happy and nice to me i love it)
290 days ago
I have a crush on this girl and she blushes at me all the time and looks at me and look like she is trying to impress me i got someone to tell her i like her and i heard her go noooooooo! with a smile on her face does she love me cus i dream about her all the time. she is also really happy and chearful to talk to me.
293 days ago
Yo Keila how you ten and going to high school early next year
293 days ago
this says that she likes me a lot!!!!!!!
298 days ago
Hi, I am 12 years old and i have had a friend who we were ok to talk with each other... but a few days ago she knocked on the door and asked if we could go to the park, we were not able at the moment, but then 2 days ago we were able to, I was soooo excited to go meet her for the first time in a long time, and I am so nervous around her and idk if she likes me too. We met today again at a party and she was looking at me vice versa, does she feel the same way about me as I do her? Help needed please!
301 days ago
im a 12 year old girl and is you need advise ask me.