Does She Like Me? Quiz (High School)

This test was created by a girl especially for boys. If you're wondering whether she likes you or not (why else would you be checking out my quiz?:), then this is the perfect test for you to take.

Good luck - I hope you get the answers you need!

  • 1
    How well do you know her?
    How well do you know her?
  • 2
    How long have you known her?
  • 3
    Does she know you like her?

  • 4
    Is she in your "league"?
  • 5
    Has she ever touched you?
  • 6
    Do you have anything in common?

  • 7
    Do you two talk?
  • 8
    Who usually starts the conversation?
  • 9
    When you encounter or are near each other, she:
  • 10
    When you're in a group together, she:

  • 11
    If you're talking/texting, what's your conversation about?
  • 12
    Do you think she likes you?

Comments (15)


104 days ago
Legit have no idea why this girl would ever like me but this test says that she is really into me and I should ask her out...
150 days ago
😻Yo o my god it Sid hell ya she likes u
748 days ago
I have two boys and about to get a new one tomorrow at school the new student
798 days ago
Quiz says: (not actual words) You got no chance boi, Her words (along lines): I like you a lot, my friend told me you kinda liked me. (I didn't tell her but she has a wierd talent for knowing if somebody has a crush)
860 days ago
ah she likes me thats good!
860 days ago
wait im not gonna take this test but like lit what do boys think about dis like 😘 lmao
1087 days ago
So I decided to take this quiz I already had a girlfriend it was surprisingly accurate
1138 days ago
1314 days ago
This was pointless, I just got dumped and I’m extremely sad about it and my ex spread rumors and now everyone believes her, I’ll never get a girlfriend 😢
1704 days ago
I feel like she might be the right girl for me .
1731 days ago
I think she might like me cuz she’s bisexual. And i think the only thing stoppings her from confessing is because she thinks iam straight.. she doesnt know iam bi-curious (a person who is interested in both🍦but the dont really want to be serious with their same sex, they just want to try but nothing serious)
1915 days ago
literally this test acc got me my dream girl!!!!!
i swear down!!!
we are having a child its that serious( 2 weeks pregz)
thank you to whoever wrote this ting really appreciate it!!!!!!!
....and to those struggling, just stop being a 💗 like me and just ask her. stop being a creep and just ask the girl. she will appreciate your honesty. it worked for me and i could have had this beautiful girl ages agooooo!!!
1924 days ago
This girl got to be crazy
1954 days ago
I really don't want to be in your situation right now. She's probably very confusing...:) Try to know her better. You've got a chance! But maybe she haven't decided yet if she want to have any relationship with you. Girls are complicated, sorry. Try to ask her out, and If you're not brave enough go with her just like friends, cause there's very thin line between friendship and love.

Tell me something I DON’T know
2729 days ago
Loved The Questions Though Jx Dissapointed That I Didnt Get The Answer At Last, I Guesse I Dont Know How To Get The Answer At The End Of The Quiz