Does she like you? (SHOCKING AND ACCURATE)

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As a girl, you think I'd know better if that girl likes you or not. You might be surprised. Things you assume aren't always true.

  • 1
    Does she ever stare at you?
  • 2
    Does she ever touch you?
  • 3
    Who starts the conversations?

  • 4
    Does she act different around you? (More shy, more friendly, more brave)
  • 5
    Do you find her around you a lot?
  • 6
    Where does she look when you talk to her?

  • 7
    When you talk, does she pay attention to you?
  • 8
    How long have you known each other?
  • 9
    Does she laugh when you say/do something funny, even if it isn't?
  • 10
    What is her body language around you?

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23 days ago
Wow i love this test cause now i know my crush likes me when i first took this test but hey! She loves me
67 days ago
Am I really the only guy to take this test and leave a comment? I definitely see plenty of "I'm a lesbian" and "I'm a bisexual girl" comments. Not to mention a lot of dead giveaway aliases. -_-
95 days ago
Me and friends always hug when we see each other at school and we just hang out at Lunchtime and My friends thinks I should date my crush and she is a girl and I was kinda shock and surprise that My crush likes me and we haven't met in person yet! Though... I really like her but, I don't know if I'm ready to tell her how I feel and I always think about her everyday! I mean... I think it's my third time dating a girl in real life! I don't know My Friends told me I should date a girl that I don't know or should I date a girl online I need advice from someone because, I'm just frustrated about it and I don't know what to do!
-Shailynn Sotelo I really need advice right now!
355 days ago
I don't know if she likes me back
we've known each other since we started secondary school so it would be like a year and a bit
she bi
but sometimes I feel like she likes one of her friends because they r always together and they hug
whenever I tell my friends about this they always say that I'm worrying too much and that they are just best friends
I can't go a day without someone asking me if me and her are dating
which probably means that she is talking about me right?
when they ask I never know how to reply
I just shake my head aggressively and i don't want them to get the wrong idea
she always holds my hand in the corridors but yet she does that to all her friends

if you read all of this you have earned my respect
358 days ago
i really like this girl but idk if she is straight or bi?
372 days ago
btw im a girl
heres some tips
i know the covid problem is so real, so if u can, get her phone number and text. dont text at weird hours coz then she'll think that ur like scared to text when others are around
depending on the results of this quiz, hug her, if she seems to like it. i know its kinda hard for guys to know what a girl likes
physical touching is huge and tells a lot, so dont overdo it also, u should visit it has a lot of tips
good luck!
380 days ago
OMG she likes me!! :)))))))))))))))))))
493 days ago
I don't know how i feel about this girl but we talk to each other when we get the chance to(even though I usually start the convo) and we text each other pretty much everday and she makes me feel happy when I'm near her or she talks to me. I have had my fair share of rejects and I'm not pretty open about my feelings anymore(only to my family) but somehow I always crack a smile when she looks/talks/or even text me

HELP ME I don't know what to do
715 days ago
shes straight help idek if i like her i wanna kms
718 days ago
I hope this 😘 is accurate
724 days ago
Hehehe umm I am a girl I would say ask her out on a date if you run into her
733 days ago
I really like this girl but she is really popular (not a like a snob or anything) and had a lot of friends. She is in my gym class but I don’t get to talk to her because we are supposed to be social distancing. I see her staring at me sometimes but not much else. The quiz says that she likes me but that is probably because I just said what I thought she would do for all the talking questions. Any girls on this site willing to help?
804 days ago
probably no one will see dis but i think she likes me and i like her but it quarantine and we can't really talk because of that should i wait till school starts? also any tips from girls about stuff? ( i'm in middle school btw)
852 days ago
I'm a girl and I took this just cause I'm bored but like I know I like him and I know what I do to fill this in accurately so... yeah.
864 days ago
Hi Colin I'm a girl and I think you should ask her out or at least flirt with her or make her jealous and have her chase after you.
900 days ago
Whoa, that was a letdown. I'm trying to take all of these tests as quick as I can before I leave her house! My house doesn't have internet and I go to her house for online school cause she's my Best friend since 1st grade. I shud be doing online school Haha! So: about my crush: We been Best friends since 1st grade. She's not pretty or anything, just super nice. When I tease her, she yells "You are so annoying, Col!" (my name is Colin) and punches me. But she's smiling. Its so fun. Over the past year I beginning to think I like her. Apparently she doesn't like me. I'm really shy and quiet and a big dork so maybe being more outgoing would help? I just dunno:(
903 days ago
I'm a girl and this is so accurate! Seriously though, don't hold back. I would love it if my crush told me he liked me.😘
929 days ago
well every single one of these tests says she likes me but I can't see her to ask her out cuz of covid. and saying over text just seems wrong.
938 days ago
Bruh. She's my best friend and she likes me. I have a feeling for her? No idea im a crackhead I hope dis turns out well
963 days ago
She likes me? This really was shocking. I mean, she wants to see my face on Zoom (Understandable), and loves having 1 on 1 Zoom Meetings with me. This quiz sealed it, now she officially likes me! Thanks :D