Does She Like Me? Quiz (Middle School)

Do you have your eye on a special girl? Do you ever wonder if maybe she could be feeling the exact same as you? I think probably yes, since you're looking at this quiz! Try it now to find out what is most likely to be going on in her head about you!

  • 1
    When you see her, what does she do?
  • 2
    If you ever talk, what do you talk about?
  • 3
    Who starts the conversations?

  • 4
    Have you ever told her your feelings about her?
    Have you ever told her your feelings about her?
  • 5
    Has she ever complimented you?
  • 6
    How does she act around you?

  • 7
    Where does she look when you're talking?
  • 8
    What's the most romantic thing she's done?
  • 9
    Are you in a relationship?
  • 10
    Is she in a relationship?

  • 11
    How do you treat her?
  • 12
    Have you ever made physical contact with her?
  • 13
    What was her last text to you?
  • 14
    (LAST QUESTION!) If you have dances at your school/church, have you ever danced together?

Comments (71)


38 days ago
Anoynumus, it might mean that she she may be flirting and the scary look might mean she gets protective over you. That's just the vibe I'm getting.
60 days ago
Idk if this girl like me she looks at me and smile and she like laugh alot around me and mess with me and just look back at me alot and every conversation she ask me a bunch of questions and she always somewhere near me and when I talk to other girl she give me a scary look.
109 days ago
Hi I like this girl but don't know if she likes me back she speaks german should I learn german to impress here?
157 days ago
I hope this test is wrong because i really like her
188 days ago
Pretty accurate it's about what I got on most tests
317 days ago
not that accurate, I took it for myself and my crush, but It said I didn't like him which is wrong, I totally do.
407 days ago
i like this girl jaylene and i wanna be her friend but she probably isnt into love cause shes friends with other boys. she is really nice to me tho and i rlly just want to be her friend. what should i do.
620 days ago
I think everyone here is a girl trying to figure out if their crushes likes them back XD (I"m not teasing, I'm here for that too.)
722 days ago
Hi Liz! I've asked out my crush and it wasn't that hard as I thought it was! My advice is don't get your friends involved and tell him you like him! He oviously likes you if he hugs, holds hands, compliments you or even cares about how you are and doing and he'll always ask to help you! If he says no, you'll have t o move on and maybe try a few months later wit h a new strategy like I did with my crush-_-
723 days ago
Can somebody who knows a lot about with some advice for Liz cause I need it. Thx peopleeeee
723 days ago
I took this to try to help me see if the guy liked me....I am having trouble telling...he is difficult to figure out....I am nervous around him.....WHAT DO I DO!!!!!! I REALLY like this guy and I want him to know that but I feel like I just act so awkward around him:( what do I do??
750 days ago
Any adavice for girls? i have a crush in a boy but am too afaid to tell.
826 days ago
Ummm. On these tests they keep says, maybe or I dont know. Like ummm. We don't know either. Like can't they say an answer that direct. Because if it's just saying I don't know or maybe then they are just guessing so if your crush says to you that they like or dont like you, you could be like, oh so the quiz is right. They shouldn't add idk or maybe. Fake.
847 days ago
sorry i had to.
and advise:

larry: try! she may have changed her mind.(us girls do it alot.)

some guy: if she cant see you, shes not right. ask her, but if your too shy to, use a note or find a way to not say it directly
847 days ago
idc if this is a guys website i need to know if he knows i like him.
whoops that came out harsh
i like this guy who, well call 'C'. he likes another girl who is nice,but i am not jelous because she is basicly the oppicit of me.( and i dont wanna change myself.) she= J doesnt like him though yet he still tries. he always talks so lould about her in front of me, even when he is talking to his and my friend: 't'. does he like me?
just in case i checked to see my body language and it says i might like him. ugh,
thank u for reading my strange blabing!
869 days ago
So I like this girl, and she’s really outgoing, funny, and she’s the nicest person I’ve ever met and this quiz said I should try asking her out :)
872 days ago
there is in our plot who likes looking at me alot
877 days ago
I really like this girl and feel as if she freindzoned me.
884 days ago
I dont even have feelings for this girl she's just a good friend of mine
971 days ago
Is this accurate for me? I’m a gay girl