How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Quiz - Middle School

Middle school girls don't have much (if any) romantic experience, so they don't always know how to conduct relationships at first. If you have a crush on a middle school girl and are unsure whether she likes you, too, get help from a sort of expert - take my quiz now!

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    How does she act around you?
    How does she act around you?

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48 days ago
i hate fate
105 days ago
I hate my Life 😥😥😥
105 days ago
I can’t believe it I like her but not in that way
118 days ago
I wanted to take a bunch of tests to see if I like him because idk if I do or not it's weird.. But every tests I took always say that I only like him as friends it's so true!!
159 days ago
160 days ago
I took this test so I could put myself in my crush's shoes and poke around boy brains to see if its obvious that I like him. But to all the boys out there who are too nervous to put yourself out there, its okay! Most girls probably don't even know what to say if you just went and asked them out, but if you go up to her, and keep talking, and spend time, and show your goofy side (they might seem annoyed but they're trying to hide their smile), she'll appreciate you and wanna spend more time with you, and thats at the least.
172 days ago
193 days ago
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195 days ago
I don't know if she likes me. She is very friendly to me and we do text. I wouldn't say we went on a date but we did hang out down by a creek and we built a tipi. I have no clue. Hopefully I can hang out with her more.
208 days ago
It said she liked me, and so i asked her out and she said yes 🙌
216 days ago
My friend said she didn't like me but it says she likes me ???
224 days ago
so I'm a girl and I'm doing this to see if he knows I like him it may be weird but I deal like he knows😓😫😰
277 days ago
Guys I need help, whenever we are around each other there is an awkward energy. Not a cringe one but an odd one we're always laughing at things the other says. I know she's never had a boyfriend, I don't know how to ask if she's in a relationship or even find out. For all I know she might not even be straight. How do I go about this?
398 days ago
She always tries to get to play some weird game like Duck Duck Goose during recess with her friends. Most of my friends say she probably likes me. But they say the same for my friend who says he hates her but I don't know about that. She asked about my social media in the beginning of the year and was always getting giggly around me. She's twice asked me if she wanted to be my boyfriend, but I always thought she said it in a joking way like she didn't actually mean it. I have no clue if she has any boyfriends. I pretend to not like her, and I've only told one friend my true feelings about her. We don't talk much, but she compliments my art. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?????
401 days ago
I am sooo conflicted. On one hand i feel like she likes me. On the other hand, i think she might like my friend who sits closer to her. And on another hand i feel like she is trying to be my boyfriend for tiktok popularity. I dont know what to do. Honestly, its fine if she doesnt like me. I might be disappointed, maybe heartbroken. But I’ll eventually recover.
404 days ago
I’m genuinely not sure, my test results said the same thing lol
551 days ago
i dont know if this is true. any one on here from oklahoma?
554 days ago
what happened to girls liking girls and what happened to non binary ppl existing ;-;
558 days ago
i feel like a lot of the people who took/commented are bi/pan/gay girls. i know im queer who likes girls, and my crush doens't really notice me ;-;

but she a few years
573 days ago
but i was 2 years too late to notice that :(