How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Quiz - Middle School

Middle school girls don't have much (if any) romantic experience, so they don't always know how to conduct relationships at first. If you have a crush on a middle school girl and are unsure whether she likes you, too, get help from a sort of expert - take my quiz now!

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    How does she act around you?
    How does she act around you?

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sorry my computer is taking 2 WHOLE WEEKS JUST TO UPDATE so yeah. i'll be back tomorrow, when my computer is finished
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9 days ago
No problem. Ah, okay. Wish you luck!
11 days ago
Thanks for the advice. As for what bi means, I'm referring to being bisexual, or liking both girls and boys.
12 days ago
What does bi mean? Anyways, if I were you, I would at least tell her before she goes, as you'll never have another chance, and at least now you'll know. Try not to think about it too much before, as then you will be able to express gour true emotions instead of saying some scripted line.
12 days ago
So for me I'm bi and this other girl named fotini is bi and I have heard that she smiles differently and a lot around me and she talks and acts different around me. I just got a random sense of attraction to her and it's so obvious, anybody could tell but she still continues to approach me. I only have one last time to really talk to her in person before summer break starts and she goes off to highschool (leaving me in 8th grade) she also doesn't plan on joining our soccer team next year. Any advice?
16 days ago
@Advice Giver (Girl)
No problem.
16 days ago
Thx, I appreciate it
17 days ago
@Advicce Giver (Girl)
Do not do either of those two things. Just calmy ask him if you could talk to him for a second. Talk to him normally for a bit, then bring it up in conversation and wait for him to process. Do not worry. If somebody were to tell me that she likes me, I would like her a bit too just for being open with me.
18 days ago
Thx anyway, I just needed to know
20 days ago
I guess he might like you, but idk
22 days ago
I don't think he flirts with me, but near the begining of the year, he bumped into my shoulder purposely and looked back at me. Is that sort of flirting? Or is he just rude?
22 days ago
He stares at me, and he seems quieter around me, which is weird because he's really loud and outgoing.
25 days ago
@Advice Giver (Girl)
does he flirt or stare at you and those type of things?
28 days ago
I need a bit advice myself. I want to tell my crush I like him. But I have NO IDEA how. We're both in seventh grade he's a jock and I'm a sort of friendly extraverted person, I feel like if I take action then this could turn into something special. Should I just tap his shoulder and say "I like you" then runaway before he can answer? Or should I wait? Should I write him a lame love letter? What should I do? How should I tell him?
28 days ago
I have some advice for you boys, and some paths to follow to talk and act around your crush, just depends on what type of girl they are.

If you like a shy, introverted kind of girl then maybe you should be really sweet to her, if you're rudely teasing, you might make her a but weirded out or want to stay away from you. So try and make her feel special. Ask her how she's doing or if she wants to be partners for a project with you. Try to include her. If you like a tomboy then try to become one of her guy friends and then tease her, hangout with her a lot, flirt with her. If you like a popular sort of girl then try to single yourself out from the other guys. Show your sweet side, like, pick a dandelion or small flower or something and give it to her. Girls like that LOVE feeling special and having the attention. If you like someone who's new to your school then immediately make her feel welcomed, try and become her friend, introduce her to some other girls, not to some other guys because then she might start to like one of them, make a good impression on her, if you befriend her then you guys will get to hangout and then you might get a good opportunity to tell her about your feelings. If you like the nerdy sort of girl then ask her about homework (but not too often), tell her she's so good at whatever she's great at. Be kind to her. Lastly, if you like a friendly, bright sort of extraverted girl like me, then tease her, flirt with her, talk to her, pick up a FEW interests, be confident, move her hair out of her face, brush your shoulder against hers. Those are some paths to talk and act around the girl you like.

Good luck!
29 days ago
sorry i was at london for one of my parents' friends' wedding. so yeah. im back
and also its not pervy, most people dream about their crush
31 days ago
Wow...this sight feels dead
32 days ago
Is it pervy that I dreamt about her?
33 days ago
Um..yeah nah I actually don't think so. Better that way so I don't tell her. Plus I think she likes my friend better (Mild Paranoia be like)
34 days ago
Ok this is for everyone:

I have an idea on how to tell Darcy I like her:

1. Write a dopey love poem on here.

2. Hand her the link on paper.

3. Watch a s it sinks in.

I need everyone to accept otherwise it can't happen

P.S. if I can I will be going as Anonymous for a day