Indian Girl Crush Quiz!

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    Unrelated: Have you read the quiz description? It will help you. True for yes. False for no and go do that.
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    Say your crush is being made fun of. Yes, I know there are a lot of Indian jerks you are friends with (no offense) that make fun of people who aren't exactly popular. True or False this statement: You would either laugh along with them or don't do anything about it. Remember, be honest if you want the right results.
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    Your friends or just society ships you with another person. True or False this statement: You ignore it. Be honest!

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    Yes, I know a lot of boys do this. So be honest. True or False: You tease her and make fun of her to cover up the fact that you like her. Note: If you do this, please don't. I understand you are trying to cover it up but it is usually mean even though you aren't trying to be. This almost always leads to hatred not love.
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    You find out that she likes you for sure. You try talking to her but she completely avoids you now in embarrassment. BE HONEST. True or False: You keep on trying to talk to her and you won't stop until you tell her you like her. Note: If you don't do this please do. Here is a secret about girls: They aren't scared of you. They are scared of the rumors that you jerk friends (no offense) will spread about her liking you.
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    Ok, this is the most honest question so you need to be completely honest... Are you willing to lower and possibly ruin your reputation for her? Remember, if your friends are really your friends, they will still be despite your reputation.

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    Say you are really popular but your crush is constantly being made fun of. True or False: You will not love another girl until she either breaks your heart or leaves without knowing you like her. BE HONEST! Note: If you answer false that probably means you should be moving on from her.
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    Do you think personally that you understand and can win your Indian crush? Indian girls are very different from (not to be racist so I'm just going to say) other girls.
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    Be completely honest. Do you love everything about her (i.e. how she looks, her body [if you are into that stuff], her personality, her humor, etc.)?
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    Last question... True or False: You are good friends. Enjoy your results!

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