Is My BFF In Love With Me? For Girls W/Girl BFFs

If you're a girl who really wants to know whether or not your same-sex best friend "like likes" you (and seriously, isn't that why you're checking this out?), then this is the perfect test for you to take! Try it now and get the answer you've been beating your head on the wall over.

  • 1
    Do you ever catch your bestie in a daydream with her eyes fixed on you?
    Do you ever catch your bestie in a daydream with her eyes fixed on you?
  • 2
    Does your best pal ever laugh at things you say that simply aren't funny?
  • 3
    If you two are having a sleepover, will she ever have someone else there with you?

  • 4
    Do you two spend a lot of time alone together?
  • 5
    Does she get jealous seeing you with other girls, having a good time?
  • 6
    Does she get jealous of you when you are spending time with a boy?

  • 7
    If you tell her you like a boy, does she tell you, "Go for it!"?
  • 8
    Does she often get in your personal space?
  • 9
    Has she ever mentioned liking a boy, herselt?
  • 10
    Does she seem overprotective of you?

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37 days ago
this quiz made me laugh because I took it with my girlfriend of 1 year next to me... I am very much Lesbian and so is she, the quiz said I'm not to sure 🤣. Currently laughing so hard I am crying.
122 days ago
Wooooow surprised I'll update on how things go!
122 days ago
Wow its crazy bc i like her to :o
155 days ago
Wow. So, even the quiz doesn't know. I mean, Just wow. I think i'm bi, my bestie is bi. She is the most important person to me in my life right now. And as soon as I found out she was bi... im ashamed to admit this but I wanted her to like me. We touch eachother all the time like hugs and grabbing hands and stuff like that. And once or twice she blew kisses at me in our school hallway but WHAT IF IT MEANT SOMETHING!!!! We are both a bit crazy but once she blew me a kiss saying, "Love you" but in a silly voice BUT WHAT IF IT MEANT SOMEThING!!!Cause maybe I want her! IDK I NEED HELP>
167 days ago
I got that they like me and i really like them. She's bi and im bi. She doesn't call anyone else cute or touches their face BUT WHAT HAPPENS IF SHE'S JUST FRIENDLY LIKE THAT?!?!? She usually calls everyone "babe" SO LIKEEE. Like we both like anime so she was like calling me senpai (AS A JOKE) LIKE STOPPPPPP. We sit together in class and on the bus but even if we dont sit together she'll like message me or smth. AHHHH MAYBE THAT'S JUST BEING FRIENDLYYYY!?!?!??! We're not really best friends but i do talk to her more than anyone :((( One time, i posted this thing on sc saying like "on your bestfriends list who would you date"... OF COURSE ONE WAS HERFHBJSBDHD.. the next day she asked me about who those people i liked (i said "they were if i had to date them, then i would") SHE SAID SHE WOULDN'T DATE ANYONE APART FROM ONE PERSON :((((( I really like spending time with her so if i said i liked her and she didn't like me it would be awkward :(((
265 days ago
I think I like my bff she was bi but now she’s lesbian I am a girl so there’s a chance we like to play games together I wanna ask her but she said if someone asked her out she would say yes because she wants to ,are people happy and I just want the truth ☹️
283 days ago
Heck yeah! I'm bi and love her 💗 and i got
So does your best friend like you like that? Whoa, she definitely likes you! Don't panic - after all, this might be a good thing. Simply ask her if she does, and say that nobody has to know, and that you'll love her either way.
311 days ago
I'm bi, and I like my bff, but she friendzoned me, tho she's even bi and I thought we had a chance, but the quiz says no TcT
323 days ago
I’m Bi and I like my bff who knows I like her. She rejected me like two or three times but she keeps on giving me hints she likes me. Although I feel like she only sees me as a friend, something inside can’t help but to think she may of me more :)
337 days ago
This was good yaaaas
354 days ago
My bff is so hot and I love her and I wanna kiss her and snuggle up to her and is it wrong to like the same gender and I love her so much and wanna kiss her a lot a lot and I am so much in love with her I think I’ll die with out her
392 days ago
When I was 6 my best friend told me she would marry me one day. I know we where young but I believed her. Now she has a boyfriend and I’m sure she doesn’t feel any special way to me anymore (if she ever did) but I still love her and I’ll always have my old drawings of are future wedding. This test raised my hopes. Still it was fun.
422 days ago
yo she rejected me the slag ( jks we just friends )
460 days ago
I think i fell in love with my best friend. I have no idea if she feels this way. But what i do know, above all else, is that her happiness and her health are more important than anything else. That's what gets me through the day!!!
486 days ago
I like a friend his name is Gabriel and he is dating someone now and I was crying he said I am jealous I have big feelings for him
491 days ago
@rawrXDDDDDD LOL haha I know how you feel it’s the same with me and my best friend, I love her so much but I’m soooo 👮*ing scared to tell her or ask her how she feels
569 days ago
My best friend was in love with me and I was in love with her bit she had a gf so we told her gf and we got into a big argument and now I don't love her anymore. I rlly try to but I just... can't
606 days ago
Lol I got a yes she does like me but honestly I don’t know but if she does then I would be HELLA happy cause I absolutely love her It’s honestly not funny how much I love her and yes I am of the same gender so that’s another thing BUT I LOVE HER AND (I sound insane) I WANT HER (yup im insane). But I always feel like a bad friend cause she always gets me stuff and I can’t do that. I absolutely adore this person but I’m to scared to ask if she likes me (but yet again you’re completely fine with asking her to torture you yup I absolutely make sense). But seriously Im way to scared to ask but I really want to. Maybe I will in high school. NOW TIME TO TAKE 90 MORE OF THESE ( ahhhhh I wanna hug her right now and never let go) (and if I haven’t said it enough IM INSANE)
889 days ago
Hahaha kinda true but mostly if I hangout w/ someone else she'll do cute poses or voice jfor me just to stay with her. And i couldn't resist tht :p
916 days ago
there is this girl i like but she is dating someone else what should i do i like her like a boyfriend need help.