How To Tell If A Girl Likes Me! Quiz

Want to know how to tell if a girl likes you? It can be tricky, but I've had tons of experience, and I think I've learned enough about it to help you out. Take my quiz right now - in just a few minutes, you could know if she likes you! And if she doesn't, it's her loss - and you'll be free for the better ones who do!:-)

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    First off, do YOU think she likes you?
    First off, do YOU think she likes you?

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46 days ago
Oh and btw i am a girl so if ya'll need advice im here :D
46 days ago
um hi i am on another one of these for girls and i rlly just wanted to see if it was correct, sooooooooooooo yea hi

(also the fact that the last coment was 70 days ago is literally a sign)
118 days ago
ya all play jtoh? if you dont you should lol
120 days ago
Dude, as a girl, I wanted to see if the girl I’m crushing on likes me and see if I can give any advice. Try and become friends with her and go from there.
142 days ago
ok, and that is funny
142 days ago
sorry, dont know any btw we must have taken test at same time because it says we are both 59623
142 days ago
Good job. Sadly mine says she doesnt :( can i please have tips?
142 days ago
It says she likes me! It was anyways OBVI but i took multiple tests to make sure! Im going to ask her out tomorrow! Wish me luck!
157 days ago
Hey, what's the foot thing about?
172 days ago
Is anyone else here a bisexual girl waiting to see if someone will ask them out 👀
172 days ago
Hiya boys I'm a girl. If y'all need any tips or it don't work out with that lucky girl I'm here to help but my first piece of advice would be just shoot your shot alright. Now just add a comment if you need my help ☺️
208 days ago
It said she likes me, but it's a Longshot to have a beautiful girl like her like me
255 days ago
Uhh..... It said she loves me! Holy cow, I need to tell her soon that I love her too, I can't screw it up like I did with the last girl.
262 days ago
Oh my god it said she likes me I don’t know what to do I’m going crazy!!!!
280 days ago
wow she loves me i will go too her nd experss my sef to her
285 days ago
Hi guys I'm a girl and will be willing to help with y'alls crush lives if y'all can help me with mine
288 days ago
Its says she's likes me. I don't know what to do
288 days ago
Who here is a girl trying to spy on guys and their thoughts?
447 days ago
Hey y'all! I actually need some help. Ik, I'm a girl, but I was wondering if any of y'all had any advice for me? A little background info: This guy and I have been in the same bio class since September, right? So he just noticed me in December when I sat at his table when I was invited, (idk if he even knew I existed before that lol) and we got talking… so then in January he asked for my Insta (don't have one). The same day, he accidentally texted my mom, because he found her number on the contacts list for bio…. *SHOCKED*.

So now we've been talking on the phone a whole ton, and also chatting in class every week. He calls me weekly, and we text almost every day. Anyway, he bought me a whole bunch of stuff like bracelets and chocolate and merchandise from his youth group. So naturally, because he stares at me FOREVER (according to my bsf) I thought he might like me. So I sent him a note (ik, we're in high school, but I was nervous) and I was like 'Crazy question, k? Do you like me?' And he texted me a couple days later, and he was like, 'as a friend, ofc'. And I was like '………' So then I went to class yesterday, after that whole shebang happened…. and it was SO NICE. lol, but srsly, he was so great.

He legit acted like nothing happened which was much appreciated, but at the same time, he was extra nice... like he pulled out my chair for me, and asked how my week was, and we talked about books and life (lol) and then he was being a complete crackhead most of class, and doing super hilarious stupid stuff to make me laugh. And he didn't talk to ANY OTHER GIRLS in the whole class except meeee! Yay! Well I mean he did go over a scheduling hiccup with his friend (who's a girl) for like two minutes (they've known each other for ten years and their relationship is purely friend-hate lol) about their church youth group, but other than that.... ;D And we made faces at each other the whole class time (he's ridiculous sometimes lol) and he named the crayfish he dissected 'Cray Cray' which made my die laughing for a solid ten minutes.... and then something kinda weird happened. We made paper airplanes out of leftover dissection papers (that just goes to show how mature we are omg) and he looked at me and started writing something on the airplane... but I couldn't see what it was!!

So then he gets done writing and looks at me, and I make a face at him, and he makes a face back and the SCRIBBLES OVER EVERYTHING HE HAD WRITTEN!!! And I was SO CURIOUS and I wanted to know what was on it..... >:( Sooo then we got out of class and his older brother had been waiting for him to drive home with him (they are VERY close, and it's so sweet) and his brother goes over to him (the guy I like was right behind me) and whispers: "Is that her?" and I was like "......" and I just legit SPRINTED out of the class cuz I had no idea what to doooo! 😂 So now I'm super confused and I don't know what the heck is going through his brain rn… < br />
Sorry for the huge paragraph! Any advice would be much appreciated :)
448 days ago
Bruh i probably did this quiz wrong i mean, iknow she is also gay but my best friend and she didnt have any girlfriends yet so yea idk if i like her either