Does your crush like you?(BOYS ONLY)

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Heyyy guys! So I'm a girl and I know how girls act when they have a crush, so if you want to know what are your crush feelings, take this quiz.(It's pretty accurate)

  • 1
    Do you talk?
  • 2
    Do you compliment your crush?(BTW It's a good way to catch attention)
  • 3
    Does she laugh on your jokes?

  • 4
    Does she text you?
  • 5
    How do her friends act around you?
  • 6
    Does she fix her hair, clothes when you are around?

  • 7
    Does she treat you better than your friends?
  • 8
    Do you ever caught her staring at you?
  • 9
    When you walk through the hall she:
  • 10
    What type of guy you are?

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305 days ago
She has some feelings for you but she doesn't know you that well. Talk more, joke around and text her. She is interested, so show what you got and ask her out.

THIS IS INACCURATE! I am in love with this guy and I show lots of signs and I took this from my crush's perspective and wow, this was so wrong.
426 days ago
😘 it. It says that we’re “friends or best friend”

The chick is an 8th grader dating my cousin
I’m a 7th grader
735 days ago
Hey boys!
So, a word of advice: Just. Tell. The. Girl. You. Like. Her.
Seriously. It is the WORST when you have no idea and you are waiting for them to make a move.
If you get rejected, you get rejected. Whatever. Trust me, it’ll be a whole lot better if you just tell them.
Girls are generally way too shy and we spend our time waiting for make a move.
Thanks for reading!

A girl
1087 days ago
Lol im a girl i didnt even know guys had the ability to crush lol (no h8 gr8 quiz btw)
1285 days ago
WOah man chill. you dont let girls trip like that

But... it would make sence if she was a total creepo ngl
1285 days ago
I told my crush that I kind of liked her and she blushed, then proceeded to kiss me. I didn't know what to do, so I just went back and let her trip XD. When she got up, she grabbed me, so I bolted and ran away. idk if she liked me or not, but hopefully she did NOT.
1427 days ago
She told me face to face she likes me
1435 days ago
This quiz will change your result when you don’t change your answers! Click the back arrow if you want to see what I mean! SECRET EXPOSED!!!
1482 days ago
This quizisnot accurate
1508 days ago
I think if you like a girl get to know her first them try ask her out , good luck ! 👧🏼🤗🤞🏻
1526 days ago
I took this from my crushes perspective, it’s not accurate at all.
1659 days ago
Also this is wrong just took it from my crushes perspective and it's wrong
1659 days ago
Lol there's a bunch of girls like "just ask us out" wouldn't work on me 😂
1659 days ago
I told the girl i like her over snapchat and on monday at school she wouldnt 2 talk 2 me like i wasnt there so now i still talk with her friends but when she sees me its like i give depression!!

So Much for telling her!!
1704 days ago
If u like a girl just go for it ask us out don’t mess around ok it’s either a yes or no and don’t do truth or dare about it just have confidence get to know them better then ask then out if they don’t say yes it will all be ok it’s not the end of the world if u get rejected just go for it
1707 days ago
Ima dude my girl luvs me
1724 days ago
I'm a girl. I answered how I *think* my crush would answer, and it looks like I'm hiding it pretty well!
1738 days ago
Not accurate. From a gal.
1780 days ago
I took this test cause I like a girl in my dance class. I didn’t expect the results to be positive and my expectations were met. 🙂
1817 days ago
What the heck? If a girl smiles at you, talk to you, wave to you, etc. Its concider as she likes you?no!!!
She's just being kind and friendly