Should I tell her my feelings? Quiz

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You are interested in a girl but you don't know if she is or you haven't ever met a girl like her and you don't know what to do, this quiz is for you ;)

  • 1
    How long have you known her?
  • 2
    How did you meet?
  • 3
    How is she?

  • 4
    Does she have boyfriend?
  • 5
    How does she act around you?
  • 6
    What do you prefer by her?

  • 7
    Do you guys text?
  • 8
    Do you talk?
  • 9
    How do you act with her?
  • 10
    Did you like this test? It doesn't count in the final result!

Comments (18)


462 days ago
this quiz is not ideal for lgbt girls but it was the closest i could find. i will ask her out soon...
600 days ago
How should I tell them how I feeeeellllllll? Plz help me :(
638 days ago
I feel so depressed now :(
640 days ago
Really fun stuff I have a crush on my ex-girlfriend (I use she/her btw) and she dumped me because she wasn't at a place mental health wise where she felt she could expend the energy needed to maintain a functioning relationship. Anywaysss, she has dated a guy since (but only for a few weeks) and then realized she's a lesbian sooo I don't think that really counts. I thought I was over her but she's so smart, and pretty, and kind, and honest, and affectionate, ok you get it lol but uhh she said she doesn't like anyone at the moment which made me really sad. She knows me so well though, my friend asked to play music on my phone when hanging out as a big group and she said "No, her phone is going to die, it as a really unreliable battery," which seems insignificant, but she remembered and I tell her things I wouldn't talk about with anyone else and I think she does the same yeah I really like her and I think I should wait it out but should I eventually tell her how I feel? Aah sry for the rant guys
657 days ago
@Mason just go for it! Don't make it so lengthy or cheesy. Just a simple, "I love how you..." "I like you.." "Do you feel the same way..."
728 days ago
i want to ask my crush out but how?
812 days ago
Hmm pretty sure applying to almost every bisexual stereotype, liking someone the same gender as yourself, and flirting with them isn’t the straightest thing to do

it could just be a “with these specific conditions” thing haha..ha ha…. ha…….
904 days ago
@I'm a gay mess i hope this isnt of a too late response but from what i read in your comment i honestly think that if she likes you and you like her too you should sit with her talk to her about how you feel about her and go from there hope this helps and good luck *_*
1056 days ago
This did not help that much lmao. I think they were speaking to guys instead of girls because I'm a lesbian and have a crush on my best friend of 4 years. It began when I first met her and has built up from then. She loves my voice and my face and I love her voice and face. We constantly talk and both have admitted liking each other at some point in our relationship. I lied and said it was only for a year except it's been for multiple. Help? Should I ask her out, drop sudden hints or just blatantly say I like her. Shes also lesbian too. Help???
1342 days ago
She's the most incredible person... she looks like an elf, kind of, with long messy brown hair and these sparkling forest eyes. She's a huge nerd, like me, and is teaching me D&D. For the record, I💝at it so far xD. She's brilliant at math, and a pretty great actress. I've known her three weeks and I think I might be in love...
1846 days ago
Wow I'll tell her I like her but no has a bf and their very close soo.

Yolo right?
1899 days ago
Life is a circie((
1990 days ago
For No.1 What would 5 years count as, normally that would mean a few years, but I was in 2nd grade when i met her
1990 days ago
I haven't even seen her since before I got my phone, and also does not cussing close to as much as I usually do count as being a gentelman?
2004 days ago
But she’s an online friend and we’re pretty gay. The quiz didn’t work for me since I’m a female. Jsjsjajsnbzhxuskms
I have to text her and so some questions didn’t work
2049 days ago
It gave me hope, thank you
2121 days ago
but i don`t have a phone, and i don`t tkink she does either
2272 days ago
This test is a lie.