Does she like you? (Kids 9-13)

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Are you DYING to know whether your crush likes you back or not? Well I’m a girl and I know what we do when we have a crush, so you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy: D

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    When you guys are talking, does she try to keep the conversation going?

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29 days ago
i wiash i could talk to her again
42 days ago
hey this quiz is the best! like all the other quizzes say she dosent like me. HEY! i KNOW she has a crush on me!!!
79 days ago
If you see this mimmy if you're name is mimmy and you don't know who I am then don't be my girlfriend but if you do know me THEN PLEASE BE MY GIRLFRIEND and if you don't remember me you saw me in a park panama city Beach and I was with a boy that was my brother he said c c c c no no no no now that you recognize me then please be my girlfriend
81 days ago
The app won't let me write the parks name
81 days ago
It 🚔le Park guys
81 days ago
I'm sorry it's 🐤le Park
81 days ago
I met her in a park called 😻le Park my cousins wanted to go there so I whint there and meet her the park is in Panama city Beach I think she is 8 and am 9
81 days ago
So I asked her and she said yes So went on a date it was awesome I think her name is mimmy
81 days ago
She's so in love with me am going to ask on a date
She is the hottest girl in the world 🌎 😍 🔥 am so happy she loves me
88 days ago
What I meant was I am still Julian and if you read my comment before before last you know what happened.

Sorry for any confusion!!!!!!

88 days ago

I meant to have my name be Humphrey!!
88 days ago
I am still Julian. I just changed my name because if you read my last comment you know what happened.
88 days ago
I'm kind of confused.

My dad for some reason brought up having a girlfriend. ( btw, I am NOT old enough to have one yet.n I'm almost nine. ) He thought that I was old enough to have a girlfriend but I'm not. ( Btw again, this was on valintines day. ) I'm the only person who knows that I have a crush. But is it possible that they know about my crush? Maybe they herd me talking about her to myself.

Somebody, please give me some help!!!
94 days ago
Btw, I did not mean the again part of the comment before this one.
94 days ago
Btw, ( again! ) I meant my first and end of my second comments not the first and end of the second comment on the quiz.
94 days ago
Everyone who wants to tell their crush that you like her through a note but you don't know what to say read the rest of this comment! I have some advice for you. So the first step is veeeeeeeeeery important so your crush doesn't think you're weird! Don't make your note super mushy! The next step is to say for example, I like you. Then list a few reasons why you like them. Like, You are always kind, helpful, and careing. ( You don't have to write exactly what I did ) ( Plus you can write that she's cute, pretty and stuff like that ) And there you have it, a simple way to tell your crush that you like her by giving her a note!

If you use the tips, I hope they work!!!


P.S. Good Luck!!!
96 days ago
I have a problem, someone else has a crush on me and I don't. What do I do?
96 days ago
By the way, forget about comment 1 and the end of comment 2. I solved my problem.
98 days ago
Any younger boys out there that are got that your crush likes you back but you are to shy to tell her listen to me. I have an idea for you. It is, next time you have a birthday party and you can invite friends, ( as you know, we are in the middle of a pandemic ) invite your crush and 1. You can just give her a note telling her that you like her, 2. Just tell her that you like her, or 3. If you don't want your parents to know ( or anyone else for that matter ) you can either tell your parents that the note is top secret party ideas and ask them to tell all the other grown-ups to give you the note back if they see it and tell them to not read it or you can write a note on the envelope. ( you need an envelope for this idea, as you can see ) saying to that it's secret party ideas and if a kid brings the note back to you, you can either allow them to read the note as long as they keep it a secret or you can only let your crush read it.

If you use them, I hope they help!!!

P.S. Good Luck!!!
115 days ago
What are you waiting for, go tell her!

But like I said, I don't go to the same school as her anymore.

How can I tell her?