Does She like You? (Kids Ages 9 to 13)

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Are you DYING to know whether your crush likes you back or not? Well, I’m a girl, and I know what we do when we have a crush, so you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy: D

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    When you guys are talking, does she try to keep the conversation going?

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Im a girl but i didnt take this test to see if it was accurate or pansexual and if you dont know what that is then look it up:).I've had a huge crush on my bestie for the longest time now but im not sure she likes me back.we flirt with eachother and make dirty jokes as in a funny way bc we love eachother (as best friends but i love her this way)my test result was that she has a crush on me totally but idk if i want to tell her cuz- well... anxiety check😙💅💅
I hope im not the only lgbtqia+ person here but idk im scared abt telling her:(
63 days ago
I like this girl. I know her mum as she used to teach me. We have the same classes. I have seen her play with hair before BUT IDK! PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!
76 days ago
she calls me evary day
79 days ago
I already have a gf but good luck to yall PS:I'm 12
79 days ago
Reply 93403, I am sorry for u
79 days ago
The 12 one is confusing
92 days ago
ima tell her tomorrow
92 days ago
thank you so much i have been so curious
98 days ago
i rly like this girl and i hoped she liked me back, cant wait to tell her
120 days ago
I'm in love with her and she's completely in love with me 😊
143 days ago
P.S. I used to be another rando 11 year old, in case you guys are wondering.
143 days ago
I'm lonely. I have a crush on a close friends 14 year old sister. We are quite friendly. I keep trying to deny my feelings but they keep pulling towards her. I have already had two crushes. The latest I got rejected (the whole school found out. :( ). What should I do. I know all you other kids are wise.
155 days ago
Yay she likes me!
173 days ago
Yet again, only lesbian in this comment section, how fun! Real helpful though, so thanks!
175 days ago
i think these are great results. she doens like my back but...

She likes you a lot as a friend. Just keep trying to get her attention (but not in a creepy way) and be really nice to her, and it is not guaranteed, but she will probably fall for you 🚔.
175 days ago
btw the thing that it won't let me say is sucks
175 days ago
Idk what to do for question 8 cuz we don't go to the same school but I think I'll just do the last one. and what really 💑is shes year older than me and we only facetime and text so she prob doesn't but I wanna make sure

(were friends tho so I might have a chance)
190 days ago
Good on you! You go! Courage is something you need to show.
195 days ago
hi she like me but everyone told her i am going to ask her
198 days ago
That was just... So depressing. Turns out she does not like me. This does not work.