Does she like you? Quiz (By two girls so definitely accurate!)

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So you like a girl, eh. Don’t you want to find out if she likes you. If yes, why aren’t you already taking this quiz. If no, GO AWAY!

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    First things first, do YOU like her or are you taking this quiz just to see if a girl likes you. If you are just seeing if a girl likes you and you don't like her, GO AWAY!

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40 days ago
i got a few things wrong with this. i am pansexual, my three closest friends are girls, and we are extremely close, we have been for the last 6 years. i know how they act, how they think about boys. this quiz does not follow it very accurately. for one, half of it treats like the girl doesn't know you exist, what if she is your best friend? and alot of the questions dont have just a simple no, where that could be best. half of them i couldn't anser correctly because there wasn't a correct anser. my crush, we are extremely close anyways, so of course she pays attention to what i say, of course she knows the little things. you didn't take that into account.
49 days ago this for dudes or LGBTQ+???
73 days ago
Uh so- I’m a girl and I wanted to see if my best friend who I have a crush on likes me- heehehe- And now it turns out that I should ask her out- dayum I’m not sure, buying each other presents and stuff is something besties just generally do- yeah- :)
369 days ago

I took this quiz three times for three girls, and I keep getting the same result? One is who I really want to date, and I guess I have high hopes now, and too much confidence! Somebody make it Valentines Day already XDDDD

Also, shout-outs to Julia and Arwen :3
506 days ago
Hey, so I LOVE this girl at my school, but I don't know how to tell her I love her. Also, I don't know if she likes me and if I tell her I love her, I don't want to get rejected again (Yes, I have been rejected twice before). I am in middle school rn, and I'm just afraid to tell her. Please send help
645 days ago
Well, firstly, hello! I'm a 12 year old female taking this for another female. Yes, I'm very much a 👮. I've fallen deeply for her; it's actually one of the scariest things in my life, haha. She's extraordinarily shy and it's adorable but, because of it, I can't tell if she likes me back or not. She told me she did and just needed time but she could've just been being nice like she always is. I think I may not go for it anymore, as much as it will hurt. This quiz informed that she likes me as welt, I mean, it's an online quiz. Overall, this quiz was great and I think everyone else that feels they have to take this should just go for it! No quiz needed. Uwu
715 days ago
So two girls like me but I only like one.
I took this quiz once each for both of them and both times it said ‘ she has a small crush on you. You are on the right track for her to be your girlfriend.’
I mean yeah fair enough but I think imma ask out the one I like so wish me look please fellow peoples.
787 days ago
I 💞♥️💞💖💞💗❣️💌💞💟💟💝💌💖❣️♥️ a girl named Landree and she would be my gf by now the only problem is 1.) I don't know how to ask someone out 2.) She is always around her friends 3.) I'm a nervous son of a munchkin 😂. I'm taking this test because she stares at me a lot (5 times I'm 1 day) but she doesn't talk to me at recess. P.S. I'm only 10 year old help me
983 days ago
accurate quiz. imma girl who took this to test it. it said I liked him. bravo 👏🏼💚
1319 days ago
I got the answer I wanted, however I was speaking as me from a year ago, because I used to go to school with her but this year we both went to seprate schools
1413 days ago
Maybe when she isn’t around anyone try and talk to her, get know her. But do this when you have the courage just don’t take to long or she will lose interest.
1417 days ago
yes I'm sure she likes me but we don't talk, she might start an awkward convo tho but we're both shy
1417 days ago
lool clever lad anonymous
1417 days ago
Arwen, "hItler" is "sebactIan" btw. (Look at device code (beside username).) Ik you probably already knew that, but still.
1418 days ago
So you are at least 98.9 % sure she likes you. Do you two talk all the time?
1418 days ago
i am vewy scared to talk to her becus she is popular and i am not, but she defo likes moi
1420 days ago
1.) she probably thinks you're cute but doesn't have feelings for you... yet, Take advice from the quiz answer and show her that you care. 2.) those were emails that I got and then me and Arwen had that fight
1421 days ago
why do y'all have the same device code lol
1421 days ago
what does it mean if she stares at me ALOT, but looks dead at the same time and never smiles?
1421 days ago
+Female who Is NOT sharing names! --- I don't think anyone cares, but this test isn't (/doesn't seem to be) designed for lgbt people, so it probably won't be at all accurate for you.

My best advice would be to see how you act around people you find attractive vs. those you don't, then see if anyone acts around you how you act around people you find attractive. Also (though I'm guessing you already know this,) it's probably better to clarify someone's sexuality before saying anything. Being straight, I'd be kinda weirded out if some guy told me he liked me before asking if I was gay.