Does she like you back?

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Finally, the answer you need. Throughout your time together you've always wondered if she's considered you to be more than a friend (or if she at least thinks you exist). Whether you're a guy or a girl, this quiz will reveal the reality of your situation. Does she or does she not like you back?

  • 1
    Do you think she likes you back?
  • 2
    Do you talk with her?
  • 3
    Do you think she likes someone else?

  • 4
    What kind of girl is she?
  • 5
    How many guys do you think/know have ever liked her?
  • 6
    Rate her looks.

  • 7
    Rate her personality:3
  • 8
    What would she be classified as?
  • 9
    Does she have a lot of guy friends?
  • 10
    Finally, did you like this quiz?

Comments (21)


9 days ago
i'm still too scared to tell her. what do i do!?
71 days ago
Whoever has fortnite add me cause I need someone to talk to I'm having a break down and I told my crush that I liked her. She did tell she liked me put I rejected her and now I like her and left our group chat and I just need someone to talk too😭😭😭

Fortnite user: Mia082009

No spaces
127 days ago
i'm a bi tomboy, and i couldn't find one that was for your GIRL crush so i did this one. (i'm also really glad i have a boy's nickname even though my real name is grace my brother is the actual Will but his middle name is Leslie so everybody calls me William Grace y'know BI TOMBOY whole thing)
231 days ago
30% everything
237 days ago
Oh right, you boys could also tell me your crush's insta and I'll maybe tell her that you like her and help you out. I know how it feels to lose someone and I don't want anyone to feel that way so, I'm helping you guys. Feel free to Dm me and ask me about girls anytime. Mostly because I'm bored but still. I'll help you guys out. Only if you guys tell me your crush's insta acc.
237 days ago
To all the guys here, lemme tell you something, lemme tell you something, Girls like guys with full confidence, good looking, smart, sweet, kind, loyal and most of all a girl loves a guy that she can trust most, girls don't like the kind of guy that plays games all day staring at the computer screen, girls want a guy who spends time with her and loves her. A THANK YOU. I hope this is enough infromation to all the guys. You could DM me if you want some more information. I'm not trying to flirt or whatever, I like another guy but, if you need some info on girls, DM me on insta bts_haters_are_trash_ that's my insta with a face of BTS Taehyung, with makeup there's a person with an insta acc like mine but, my insta pic is a close up of Tae's face. Again, DM me if you need some info on girls. Don't get weirded out. I already have a crush and it's none of you boys from this comment section.
237 days ago
I took this quiz pretending to be a boy and my crush knows that I like him and I thought that he would take this quiz and it said that I just friendzoned? This quiz is not accurate
292 days ago
should i ask her out when we go backshe avoids me is she shy or something? to school? and quiz said she likes me
315 days ago
So I am really popular and so is she she 30 percent likes me back technically likes me back but is not sure about it guys not those who are GAY OR LESBIAN but do you think I should ask her out ? You know what I am gonna ask her out and to prom and ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend but she is currently available I think!!!! Because she just broke up with Lincoln!!!!! So I hope she did find a boyfriend!!!!! Guys none of those who are GAY OR LESBIAN what do you think contact me on this website ASAP !!!!!!! Thanks if you do so !!!
401 days ago
she proposed me but i said no because everyone told me that she is 🍦bcuz i was new at school but now she has boyfriend and i love her so much (yeah she is slut)😢😢😢😢😢
473 days ago
I'm a lesbian and got 80% on this quiz, my crush is bi, do you think she really likes me? (cause it seems this test was made for boys)
476 days ago
A lot of gay girls took this bc they ain't have nun else lol
499 days ago
Well, she likes me, she asked me out. Because i got really lucky and it turned out she was gay. Yay!!!
613 days ago
I was going to contact “A Homo Female,” but she posted here 537 days ago... 😢
710 days ago
she loves me a lot, she kissed me on the cheek
720 days ago
I'm a girl, I took this in this one guys perspective. It came wonky
1148 days ago
Fml this quiz showed the exact result I expected...
1148 days ago
I'm gay this probably isn't right if it says a straight girl likes me 0_o
Any gays out there need help? I'm here!!!
1150 days ago
thanks real confidence booster if I could only go back to first day of 4th grade and change myself everyone would love me and id get back my GOOD popularity
1150 days ago
I asked her out but she sayed yes no then maybe I ask my step sister she sayed it means no