Does she like me?

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This quiz is “does she like me” it is designed to see if a girl in your middle school class may have a crush on you. It is not designed to see if she likes you BACK. There are so many quizzes for “Does he like me?” that girls can take, to see if a guy likes her. Well, I figured it’d be fun to make one for guys to take if they want to know who likes them. If you are a MIDDLE school boy who is curious to see if this girl likes you as more than friends then this quiz is for you!
Do not take it you are older than 18! This test does not apply to you!

  • 1
    First off, do you ever talk to this girl who you think likes you? (If so, how often?)
  • 2
    Do you and this girl ever text, email, or chat online?
  • 3
    If you do talk, who initiates conversation?

  • 4
    Have you ever caught her staring at you? If so, how does she react?
  • 5
    Say you get a group assignment with her. What does she do in response?
  • 6
    You pass each other in the hallway, what does she do?

  • 7
    Do you often hear her say your name when talking to her friends? If so, what else happens?
  • 8
    Does she ever ask you random questions? Or does she ever try to talk to you?
  • 9
    Has she ever liked an old picture on your account or screenshotted your snapchat?
  • 10
    Has she ever sat somewhere near you so that has perfect view of you during that class?

  • 11
    Has she ever flirted with any of your friends?
  • 12
    How was this quiz? Did it seem accurate? (Will not count against test score!)
  • 13
    When you guys talk what is it about?

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591 days ago
Emily and Anonymous, I agree. I took this quiz and to be honest, most girls DO NOT show these signs.
591 days ago
Took this quiz to see how I show signs around my crush but it says I def like him as a friend, maybe as a crush BUT IM ACTUALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM so hope isn’t all lost for all you guys who got bad results. Girls just might not show the signs
592 days ago
I took this quiz as a girl about what how I am around my best friend who just happens to be a guy. Extremely inaccurate as this BS quiz claims I like him back but um. Im hella gay so
595 days ago
The answers didn't really apply. I am a girl and I took the quiz to see if it was accurate if the girl likes the guy. I got the she likes you one, so it's kind of accurate if there's options that apply to you.
1030 days ago
I took this quiz as a dare but i think you might need help Anonymous
If you do just comment 'i need help Emily' and i will help you
Anyway i agree this is a terribly put together quiz
1157 days ago
1. what if it's very little and I start the conversations?
2. what if it's just a straight "no?"
3. what if it's just a straight "I do?"
5. what if I've never had a group assignment with her?
6. what if I've never been in a "hallway" with her?
7. what if we have the same friends?
8. what if we do talk but it's not just her asking "random questions?"
9. account on what? I don't have FaceBook or SnapChat.
10. what if we aren't in a class together?
11. what if she doesn't "flirt" with anyone?
12. where's the "this was a terribly put together quiz" option?
Seriously, what were you thinking when you made this? How old are you? Like, come on.