Does She Like You? (You Can Trust This, It's Made By A Girl)

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All guys have a girl that they like, a little or a lot. In this quiz you can find out if she likes you back!

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    How did you meet her? (Assuming you don't stalk her and you actually know her).

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942 days ago
Dont be negative micheal I bet your a handsome fella for girls
998 days ago
hey I like this girl and I know she likes me back. I'm pretty sure that she like someone else as well. what should I do?
998 days ago
thanks open all night!
1000 days ago
Gay weirdo If she claims to be straight, she probably is. Not to be rude, mean or anything, but just find someone who claims to be lesbian, and problem solved. Or you could just become heterosexual. That works too.
1001 days ago
Chances Are That She Only Thinks Of You As A Friend. There's A Tiny Chance That She Likes You, So Don't Give Up! Maybe It'll Just Take Time For Her To Develop Feeling For You! Don't Push It Too Much, Though. She Might Lose Any Liking She Had For You In The First Place. Just Try Taking Things A Little Slow. Be More Open-Minded!

Typical. I’ve gotta stop taking these quizzes. TBH, I’m kinda shy, (especially around fine females), and you can’t get much out of me unles it’s politics or religion. (I get triggered.) The only reason I keep on abusing myself with this is because I might get some advice. I want her to like me, but I want to still be myself. (Okay, cut corners. I’m not thrilled with how non social I am. Points deducted there.) I tried to adopt her taste in music too. Apparently “Ye V The People” isn’t a winner in her world. :/
1002 days ago
I think she might like me back but I really don't know.
1002 days ago
But she claims to be straight, also, I'm a girl
1003 days ago
A guy :) try getting to know her, and once both of you know each other pretty well, make the move. (I’m not a girl, BTW)
1008 days ago
My test result said that she may like me. I don't like her. (she is pretty though) what shold I do?
1008 days ago
Lands west: I think you should buy her roses or something and then ask her out. If she says no, she's not worth it anyway, so you should just move on.
1009 days ago
To I'm so scared 😨 but imma ask her out today!😀😀😀😀😀😀😊
1009 days ago
landan I want to tell her I like her what should I do???🤔
1011 days ago
AmErIcAn102, I think you should wait to ask her out, but you could ask her friends if they know if she likes you.
1012 days ago
idk if she likes me but she will try to scare me out of random and try to tickle me i think she does what do i do?
1013 days ago
I'm a girl myself. It seems this girl you like may be popular, since she had a boyfriend and she flirts without being worried. To be honest, I wouldn't be with her. If you think she is the one though:Yes!! She just kinda seems unstable towards boys. I don't want your heart to break. I mean.. do you know each other well? You should get to know her more then see if she is good for a relationship. Just find a girl, popular or not. Just see if she is nice and look for her friends shippings you. Anyway girls flirt when they don't have a simple crush and just want a relationship. If you like her enough though... I don't know. Good luck.

A depressed, Pan sexual ,nerdy girl who reads fanfiction

1013 days ago
So I took this (I'm a girl)to see if I do like him.And it turns not its not my brain.I really do!!!I'm so happy!!!But,this other guy keeps trying to hold my hand and💑and I don't want to tell him to stop cause I don't know if he knows.If anyone has some some advice please do tell.
1013 days ago
1014 days ago
I'm a straight girl and just wanted to see the quiz. Pretty accurate and it summed up my crush and my predicament fairly well. "confused", I don't think she's worth it. She seems like someone that would go through boyfriends like she does offense but I would get over that crush. Listen to friends by Anne Marie. Good song.
1015 days ago
I really like this girl who's a sophomore (I'm a freshman), and around Christmas, she asked for my number. After this, we texted non stop and flirted a lot. I think I sent mixed signals to her and came across as like kinda needy/annoying (at least I think but idk). Around this point, I overheard her planning to ask out a junior. After this, she stopped responding to my texts, and I eventually found out that they were dating. They were planning to go to prom together but ended up breaking up. After this, she started texting me again and going out of her away to talk to me. This lasted about a week, and now, she seems to pay like no attention to me. Anyone have advice?
1015 days ago
I got the same one and yes, I am a girl and took this quiz because I have a crush on a girl 😍