How To Know if A Girl Likes You

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This is a quiz to see if a girl likes you. BOYS ONLY! This will be accurate because I am a girl and I know what girls do. Don't lie, you might not get accurate results. So yeah, hopefully your crush likes you back!

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1349 days ago
She sort of likes you, but not really.

I see... Last time I saw her was back in 2012 at high school. I left that school early. Most of the teachers were bad. One of them was yelling at me and my friends just because we were crossing the road. While we crossed we were talking to each other about things and we kinda walked slow while chatting. Once we crossed over we were still walking sort of slow. So the teacher starts to pretty much scream at us to start walking faster. I wanted to shout back at him, but didn't know what to say, and I knew that if I had, I would be in even bigger trouble, so I kept my mouth shut and did what he said. I probably learnt a lot more things at home. But I did lose my friends, not that I ever stopped being their friends but, yeah...
1518 days ago
The two gays in this comment section need to die.
1520 days ago
Are you gann a finish tha crosounn? Also, this is test is true
1543 days ago
The last question Ugh! I've only liked her for a few months or so. 💪💀
1548 days ago
So I had my best friends that I like take this quiz well I was there. His response was she likes you. So he said do you I said yes. Now we’re talking a lot and soon dating thanks to this quiz!
1548 days ago
I just called my crush and I asked her If she liked me she said yes we are going on a date tomorrow. Yay!!!!
1552 days ago
Ha imma bi girl and I took this quiz
1552 days ago
News flash: In most case scenarios, a guy (and I know this from experience, so read up.) doesn’t like these 4 words going in order: ”Find a new girl”. You’re gonna get a lot of bad comments, we never find new girls unless it’s to make the one we were first after jealous, or she tells us “go away”, “I hate you” that stuff. Maybe you oughta change that result eh? You’ll get a lot less hate mail, comments etc. 🖕