Does She Like Me? Quiz for Middle School Boys

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Does she give you mixed signals? Are you anxious? Take this quiz to find out for sure.

  • 1
    Does she make it so she can see you?
  • 2
    How often do you talk?
  • 3
    What do you talk about?

  • 4
    If you were home sick one day what would she do the next day?
  • 5
    Does she look into your eyes when you talk?
  • 6
    Does she ever dress a little more than casual for you?

  • 7
    Does she share the same interests as you?
  • 8
    (Almost Done) Do you think she likes you?
  • 9
    Do you even like her?
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz? On a scale from 1 to 5 (5 Being the best) (Doesn't affect your score)

Comments (28)


416 days ago
I'm a girl taking this to see if it seems like I like him. I genuinely don't know how I feel about him so...... I guess we'll figure it out???
594 days ago
Idk if she likes me i'm probably leaning towards yes but she never really blushes or anything like that and she acts normal but out of all the boys in our class she does talk to me the most
618 days ago
Yay she likes me and I think she likes me too she blushes a lot whenever her friends say something about us two so ima ask her
677 days ago
I have a crush in my grade all same classes. We have been bffs since i transferred to that school.
She said she likes me as a friend but her mom posted on some social platform (i heard this from my mom) that she said she likes me PLEASE HELP.
780 days ago

it said I should go for it. There's this girl that I met in Personal Development in my middle school, but sadly, we weren't placed in the same class in the second quarter. Gladly, ever since, we've been as close as ever.

Her name will remain anonymous, but I'll be asking her on Valentines :) wish me luck!
815 days ago
She admitted her feelings but doesn’t want to date :C
838 days ago
the kid next door dude i see your comment on all these quizzes focus on something else other than love lol
871 days ago
So I like this really nice girl in my grade. She’s really smart, we text a lot, and we have a LOT of interests. Her name is kenz and most of our classes are together! We eat lunch near each other (different tables) but sometimes I catch her looking at me and then giggling to her friends. I think she likes me, but I’m not 100%. This quiz said to go for it, but I’m scared! A lot of the other dudes in the grade like her and a kid asked her out, and she kindly rejected. I don’t want her to do that to me!! I think I might tell her I like her, but do it not in a weird way lol. Does anyone have any advice for me, lol?
907 days ago
I like someone who is my class monitor...shes hot and sweet...but her body signals are not really convincing tho...her name is britney...can someone help meh...

Anyway...congrats to Trinity and Carlos btw
1031 days ago
Hi. I am 11 and I really like this girl in my math class. Her name is Tatiana, and I think she likes me. We've known each other for a few months, and I think she's really cute. I need some help.
1034 days ago
John btw if ur from my school I knew u liked me

Also if u was wondering this test is completely accurate (I’m a girl)
1042 days ago
hi my name is john and there is this girl i rlly like and we have on class together and we've known eachother for 3 years and i need some help
1070 days ago
I really like her but she is dating my best friend and yet loves hanging out with me. She is so confusing but so hot and cute. She is perfect. I hope we have a chamce in the furture.
1091 days ago
I like this girl in my school and am not sure she likes me. I mean, she always stares at me, and she seems as if she likes me, but Im not sure she likes me. Im pretty sure she doesnt use this, but if she does that would be good. I don't know if I could ask her, and the quiz says mixed results, and im not really sure if she likes me.
1180 days ago
It was wrong! Never trust these they're bull🐬. I asked her out and now we aren't even friends anymore! Thanks alot
1342 days ago
I asked him out and she called me a fat fagget
1437 days ago
This actually works I couldnt tell if she really liked me and now wwere dating
1477 days ago
I have only one class with her every day. I have her email though, and we message each other a few times a day. Do I like her? Does she like me!
1514 days ago
i know a girl in middle school who i only have one class a day with :( i have a big crush on her
if you are reading this
1564 days ago
I think your cute and I like your curly hair I like you too