Does my crush love me? (guys only)

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Does your crush love you?

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624 days ago
Question 4 never said I hate him
631 days ago
holy shizzle thank you so much
716 days ago
jeff- Girls like all the playing and flirting. if you like a girl go for it. okay, if you're 100% sure she doesn't like you at all and there's no chance that she will, but like totally sure because you know as a fact that this is the case, drop it and stop going after her cause you'll only manage to bother her. but if she likes you or you think she does or she doesn't but you know she may develop feelings for you, then go for it. we girls, whatever other people tell you, like to be chased. we love when you stare and smile across the room, when you come up to talk to us, when you text us first ... so what I'm trying to say here is don't be a coward because you'll ruin your chances. besides that you also need to be hard, make her miss you and check her phone for your texts. so take your time when answering and please don't shadow her. and this is super important: it's ok to make her a little jealous but hey, just a little. let her see you talking with other girls but certainly not flirting. and don't ever tell her you like sb else or that you find sb else attractive or stuff like that. I used to have a crush on a guy and we flirted so much until he told me he found really attractive a friend of mine. yeah, so the technique of getting a girl by telling her about sb else so that she knows there's competition, it doesn't work at all.
774 days ago
Thank you for your help
774 days ago
This is making me think that my crush likes me.
775 days ago
i was really hopeing that i would not have to play a girl but I'll work my magic. also how can i make it up to you
778 days ago
Amy, does your advice work for High Schoolers?
779 days ago
I think u should try flirting with her and seeing how she responds. Usually if her friends tease her it means she feels sth for u. Try not being super nice to her and do not show off because that can be a great turn off. Girls are pretty simple really. Just make her feel special and show her your sweet side. Also it's siper important that if you text, don't answer her immediately at least not right now. Wait 10 min at least and I promise that she'll fall for you.
781 days ago
SOS. acording to this quiz(and literary all 330)she is completely in love with me. the prooblem is that i have no idea how to confront her. and i got punched in the nose then got an in-school suspension for half the day. how do I confront her. lter in the day when i got out of the principles office she did make jokes about me getting beat up and her freinds acted like I came back from the dead. she acts a little boisterous but does not like being very active. I really like her and do not want to ruin my chances with her. can sombody please help me I just need the details on how I can make sure she has a crush on me because this website says i should and wiki how(yes wiki how) gives me the general Idea but once again i need detailed instructions . help ive given you every detail(middle school