Accurate - does she like you?

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This is a sequel to my previous quiz which wasn't well done and sucked a bit. This time, it is in collab with my sister, so I'm sure it's pretty trustworthy. Please note that if she doesn't even know your name, don't even bother taking this. Answers like "I don't think she knows me" are removed, as how can you even think she likes you if you've seen her once on Instagram? Don't also take this test if she has done things such as kissing you or telling you directly that she likes you (indeed, why would you be here?)

  • 1
    First and most important question: have you told her you like her yet? Studies show that it's easier to start crushing on someone that crushes on you.
  • 2
    How does she act near you? (Near you, not if she sees you from far away)
  • 3
    Has she ever made physical contact with you?

  • 4
    Does she try to sit near you if there's a free spot?
  • 5
    Does she laugh at your jokes?
  • 6
    Who usually starts conversations?

  • 7
    How much does she texts you?
  • 8
    How do her messages look like?
  • 9
    Does she send emojis while speaking?
  • 10
    Does she respond to your messages immediately?

  • 11
    How would you describe your relationship with her?
  • 12
    How does she get dressed since she started knowing you? (If the response is "as usual", you don't have to worry, trust us: D)
  • 13
    Does she send you pictures of herself? (Again, if the answer is no, you don't have to worry)
  • 14
    When you're talking to her, what do her eyes do?
  • 15
    Do her pupils dilate when looking at you? (this is a simple but crucial question)
  • 16
    Where do her feet point towards while speaking to you? (again, this is a simple but crucial question)

  • 17
    Does she copy your manners or gestures?
  • 18
    How would you describe your physical aspect? (Girls too care about your looks, if you're fat and she's athletic, then probably she wouldn't really like you)
  • 19
    How do her friends react when they see you? (This is a common but crucial question)
  • 20
    Have your or her friends ever done some jokes about you liking each other?

  • 21
    Does she ever talk about her private life?
  • 22
    Has she ever shown interest for your private life?

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62 days ago
Bruh I did this on my gf and supposedly she thinks as me just as a good friend
113 days ago
Tried this in his perspective he likes me I guess
184 days ago
So are we just gonna ignore the blatant fat shaming
198 days ago
Not accurate guys don’t listen to it lmao
301 days ago
This test is not accurate AT ALL
358 days ago
So I took this test as a girl to see how bad I've been hiding my feelings for this guy named Nick, and I've been doing pretty good.
491 days ago
vvv i hope ur right
542 days ago
guys, don't get too depressed if it says that she doesn't like you. This quiz is completley innaccurate.
648 days ago
Whoever has fortnite add me cause I need someone to talk to I'm having a break down and I told my crush that I liked her. She did tell she liked me put I rejected her and now I like her and left our group chat and I just need someone to talk too😭😭😭

Fortnite user: Mia082009

No spaces
682 days ago
I really like this girl (I am also a girl)and I think she might like me and I was going to tell her I liked her today but I dident see her I think I'll do it on monday
699 days ago
She doesn’t like me anymore whew
736 days ago
Hello im a girl lol i am classified as bisexual 😋
757 days ago
yeah I am skinny and I like someone with a different body shape and she likes me to so there
770 days ago
lmao i tried this as myself apparently i don't like him
771 days ago
Ayyyyyyyyyyy any gurls here taking the test
775 days ago
789 days ago
This is not accurate
790 days ago
I did this to see if it’s accurate, I like a guy and instead of ‘what’s she like’ I answered with myself and ‘what your like’ I answered with him and it says I see him as just a friend, so if you got that don’t be discouraged! Cause I like him, but if you got that then wait a little longer because I like him, but not enough to start dating
810 days ago
okay so i'm a gay girl and i have a crush on this girl anabel. she's a major tomboy, so most of the things in this quiz don't apply to her. she's really reserved and doesnt talk much to most people.
856 days ago
Okey, sure we girls care about appearances. But it makes absolutely no sense that a skinny person wouldn't like a fat one. As if that mattered!!!