Is she trying to hide her feelings?(for students only)

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This will ask you about somethings that have happened in your real life. So if you haven't interacted with your crush yet, this quiz is not right for you. I won't say it will be accurate, this is just based on one of my female friends actions.

  • 1
    Is she just a casual friend or....
  • 2
    When you talk, does she keeps eye contact?
  • 3
    Has she ever touched you, hugged you or even kissed you(cheek or lips)?

  • 4
    When you talk, what is her face expression?
  • 5
    Has she ever got mad at you teasing (not hurtful) her
  • 6
    Have you ever caught her staring at you?

  • 7
    Has she ever shared personal secrets/life problems with you?
  • 8
    Who starts the conversations?
  • 9
    Have she ever called you ''bro''?
  • 10
    Is she in a relationship with other guys?

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620 days ago
Looks like she MIGHT has a teeny crush on you
She MAY even have a huge crush on you but she is just very well at hiding her feelings.Keep up the good work and put more effort if you want her to be yours.But hold your horses, she may only see you as a good friend too.

Maybe you could try to join the same club as she does or impress her.If you want to impress her, please do not cheat, IF she found out that you're cheating even for her, she MIGHT lose interest in you based on what kind of a person she is.Most importantly, be brave and ask her out if you thinks she likes you, a lot of people missed their chance on being afraid to get rejected and never been with their crush.

658 days ago
@justa= a bisexual lwith no life , don't worry girl I will pray for you! You sound frustrated!

But anyways, may god bless you with a good, pretty romantic wife!
787 days ago
She MAY has a little crush on you. Thanks for cheering me up, but this is not gonna work out, because she is a girl and I'm a girl, I'm not sure but I think she's straight or asexual. Whatever, i'll try to talk to her, thanks for the suggestions!