Does she like me? *Made by a girl*

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Click here! This quiz is written by me, a girl, and I know when a girl is totally crushing... so guys out there, take this quiz to decode the slightly less confusing species, the girls!

  • 1
    Are you guys friends?
  • 2
    Does she talk to you a lot?
  • 3
    What happens when you look at her?

  • 4
    Does she try to impress you? (acting super smart, athletic, fixing her hair, makeup...)
  • 5
    Do her friends say dumb things to you about her?
  • 6
    Does she act weird when you start talking to other girls? (this could range from "I'm not talking to you" to *hmph* or raging whispers, "doesn't she have a bf", or maybe even "GIRL, stay away from my man!") some girls out there do be like that *shrug*

  • 7
    Does she casually touch your arm or hug you?
  • 8
    Does she have a boyfriend? (Sorry boys, but if she's got a bf, you're kind of screwed, don't go trying to take her away from him...)
  • 9
    Does she flirt with you? (For you confused guys out there, does she maintain eye contact, laugh a little more, smile more, blush, raise eyebrows, compliments)
  • 10
    A reminder to you guys who will walk away from this quiz still confused. Next time you see her... watch her pupils, if they dilate, she likes you, watch her body language, if she's attentive and has her feet pointing towards you, leaning in, that's good! Watch to see if she fidgets or plays with her hair... nervousness. *answer doesn't affect score*

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692 days ago
If she says you guys are too young, back away for a bit and see how she's acting. If she doesn't want you like that yet, it's best not to push her, otherwise you will push her AWAY. She might've been busy... I haven't wrote my penpal back in a much longer time period. BUT, her asking to work with you MIGHT be a way to gauge what you are feeling, to see if the people who told her what you were feeling were lying OR she may like you OR she's trying to figure out how she feels OR she's just a player of sorts... .us girls are confusing creatures.
692 days ago
@Hi :)
Sorry, I've been busy

But, my advice is:
She might be confused about her feelings, I am dealing with the exact same thing with a guy right now, but when she's ready, you'll know it. It's hard to explain but she will react in a certain way where you just know it in the depth of your soul how she feels.
705 days ago
if she didnt repond in 2 months, then...................... i am not sure :(
BUT ask her if she wants to be ur friend again
705 days ago
705 days ago
I've noticed she has been watching me then looking away when I look at her

^^^ EXACTLY, I dont know what to do, but i am waiting for @Ella_Mae to respond,
but dont worry, everything will work out
705 days ago
I forgot to mention we are penpals and she hasn't written back in 2 months
705 days ago
ok so I'm in a bad situation because I like this girl and I told her and she said she liked me so we had a thing for a few months but then she wrote a note to me saying she doesn't like me anymore, about 6 months later I told her I still liked her she said we were 2 young(we were eleven) so that was that and then on the valentines day I kinda wrote her a poem which we haven't talked about and then someone told her and her friends I had a huge crush on her then her friends all ran to me told me she didn't like me but recently I've noticed she has been watching me then looking away when I look at her, she askes if we can sit together or work together at school(we are now 12) pls help me
705 days ago
Also, how old r u?
im 15
705 days ago
lmk if thats a good idea, or when i should tell her
thx, the advice you gave me was very helpful
705 days ago
So..... I think she likes me
but to confirm, i am going to txt her on april fools day and tell her that i like her
she wont know if i am telling the truth or if its just a prank
705 days ago
Does she always seem to want to talk to you, to be close?

idk if she ALWAYS wants to talk to me, but 50% of the time she talk sto me, 50 % of the time she talks to her friends

Do her friends laugh a lot or look at you when she's talking to them?

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm...... i havent really payed attention to that...
i just talk with my friends

Does she blush or get awkward?

Yeah, she gets akward but idk if she blushes, bcos of masks lol

we both do online school, but like when i had to go to school to take the test, she was there looking at me, and then she was all akward
705 days ago
@Hi :)
Because you guys are friends, I would totally not be surprised if she likes you because she turns to her friends after looking at you. Also, because she is looking at you first, that is a huge sign! Girls always pay attention to the guys they like so my advice would be to pay attention to how she acts around you. Does she always seem to want to talk to you, to be close? Do her friends laugh a lot or look at you when she's talking to them? Does she blush or get awkward? These are all sure signs of *most* girls. Hope this helps!!
705 days ago
I also took another quiz...

Here is the link /personality/quizreport.php?title=how-to -know-if-she-likes-you&sid=MTU0NTM5NTk4

H ere are the results I got

She totally likes you. Or may be even more!

Why'd you need to take this quiz to see that? Jeez, she's like, obsessed with you! If you're into her too, ask her out! NOW!

I am not tooo sure about that...

Oh, also I went to school to take a test, and she looks at me, and whenever I turn around to see if she is looking at me, she quickly turns around to talk with her friends.... Could that be a sign that she likes me?
705 days ago
She definitely has feelings. So figure out yours. She likes you a lot and is probably dying to talk to you right now. So go out there and make her happy! If you don't like her, make sure she knows because it really 💝if you fall for a person who doesn't like you like that. Hope this sheds light on it a bit! 😀

REALLY?... I got these results on the quiz ^^^ I mean... I like her... but i am not sure if she likes me... should i just ask her if she likes me? Any help would be appreciated...

More Info :)

We have been friends since 6th grade, we both went to the same middle school and are currently going to the same high school... We are both in 9th grade.
708 days ago
Ok! Will do right now lol... I have too much free time.
715 days ago
You should make one for online school because well you know the virus lol
719 days ago
Hey!!! I'm the creator of this quiz and would love some feedback as it is my first one.