Boys-Does she like me?

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Alright, men! Now is the time to take this test to see what it's all about. Are you passionate about her? Is she always in your mind? Does she like you? Well, take this test! Find out! (I'm a girl, so I got insider info 😉 )

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    Alright. So, you probably look at her, right? But does she look at you?
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    Okay. Now, do you guys go to the same school or job or church?
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    Sweet! Made it to question is she talking to someone, and you may or may not be lying to yourself that she is?

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    Alright, moving past the subject of other you somewhat friends/friendly with her friends?
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    Halfway there! So, do you recall if you dream of her or constantly think about her?
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    Now, if you're still taking this, you might stop at this one can see what you put or anything. Trust me I can't see either. you ever like really think about her and also pretend like she's there? (Nice way off saying messing around with y'know what and thinking about her.)

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    Alright now back to her. Does she ever drop hints? If she does you probably don't even notice...(guys, geez)
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    Now, how close are you with her in general?
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    Alright 1 more after this. Do you think she likes you? Like do you get those kind of vibes from her?
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    And now you're done. Just select which range has your favorite number ( FYI this doesn't go against or towards your score)

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11 days ago
Hi. Im a girl.
17 days ago
17 days ago
Quick thing, if anyone needs help with girl stuff I’ll help because I’m a girl. So just ask me 🥰🥱💕
17 days ago
17 days ago
I’m a girl- I am going to give this to my friend so he could try 😭😂🤚🏻 I wanna see what he gets 💀 also! Hi guys!
17 days ago
I got a love letter from a girl today, I mean why wouldn't I'm so hot and I think it's my crush. NOTE TO PAISLEE: ILYSM BAE 😘
17 days ago
She likes me and i like her to. 😉