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277 days ago
just help me so i have a crush but hes dating a popularish gurl and i really like him and ive dated him before ,twise :/, but he now kinda hates me and calls me a emo 💗 the thing is he makes me feel happy when i think of him and ik this all might be cringy but hes like really fit and he is like my new obsession in my head again like when i dated him we wouldnt really talk except from text and we would look at each other at school but now like his friend is like is my fav bestie and hes really nice and helps me sometimes talk about #####. just to say if i havent already said hes actually nice sometimez and he is tall like me and hes a blonde and he has dreamy eyes and he has dated my "friend" but she didnt really like him and tbh i feel bad for taking advantige of him to try to date him friend which is where i f'ed up and i might of had a chance to be friends with him still :'(
just give advise
433 days ago
No sign is a good sign right? Haha.
455 days ago
No offense or anything, but Very Nervous never told what happened afterwards
716 days ago
@very nervous
YASSSSS! YOU GO GIRL! I’m too scared to tell mine... 😭
Good luck!
993 days ago
Love you all guys hope you're sound and safe
1090 days ago
@Very nervous, I hope it goes well! How'd it go??
1134 days ago
Well, I met Paulo in elementry and we go to strings together. And afew of my friends know I'm totally IN LOVE with him and I really think he likes me. Every time I look at him he looks at me and smiles. We both like each other but don't want to admit it. So I have been planning a speech on the perfect day to tell him my feelings, Valentines tomorow us the day I'm gonna tell him, I LOVE YOU!! WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?!?!?!?