Is He The One?
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Is He The One?

This Quiz will allow you to know if your wasting your time, or not....plain and simple!

Question 1:If your boyfriend was to go out to the bar with only the GUYS would he call you as soon as he gets home?
Only when he really wanted some
He was locked out of his house and needed a place to crash
Of course, I;'m the only thing on his mind

Question 2:It's your one year anniversary and your guy gets you.......
A bottle of perfume that was on SALE
Roses for everyday you and him have been together
Nothing, he buys you stuff all the time

Question 3:When you are out of town does your boyfriend....
Calls you every night just to say he cares
Party with the guys, after all your gone
You have to call him, afterall he doesn't like the phone

Question 4:Your boyfriend decided to go out for some drinks and asks you to come along. You decide that your tired so he can go anyway. Later on that night does he.........
Goes home to sleep off the many drinks that he had
Gets his friends to call you to make sure your at home
Calls you 2 hours later and says it wasn't as fun as you being their

Question 5:You decided to tell your guy that you are in LOVE with him, he responds......
I don't love you but thanks for letting me know
I Love You Too, and kisses you until you need air
Well....I just don't feel the same right now, and looks away

Question 6:Your guy and you have been together just a few months and he invites you to meet his folks. When you get there, he tells you....
Maybe you should not talk to much, it might be better that way
My parents are going to love you as much as I do
Maybe you should of worn alittle more clothing.....when you already are

Question 7:Your boyfriend invites you to go away with him and some friends. When you arrive at the destination you see that he has planned........
A romantic boat ride with you and him
Game of golf with you, him and all his buds
A night out on the town with friends, but of course can you drive

Question 8:If you were scared to stay home alone by yourself after watching the scarest movie would your guy.......
Tell you to grow up, it's only a movie
He can't, he needs his sleep
Stay with you, he would never let anything happen to you

Question 9:You find a phone number in you boys pocket. You ask him about the number and he says........
Laughs and says it's none of your business
I have tons of numbers, I can't remember whose this is
That's my boys new cell number, here call it I promise it is

Question 10:When you two are alone, he acts so sweet and romantic. He's a perfect gentlemen, but when your a round your friends he....
Pretends that he's all macho so the guys think he's the man
Never talks to you that much as if something were wrong
Can't stop staring at you....I guess nothing changes with your guy

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