Is he the one?
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Is he the one?

Does he have a crush on you or does he not even know you exist? Find out here!

Question 1:When you make eye contact whilst minding your own business down a corridor at school, does he:
Smile and carry on walking
Stop to have a long detailed conversation
Look away and walk on
Smile, say hello and walk on
Carry on talking to his mates

Question 2:He needs to borrow a pencil from your pencil case, does he:
Just take yours without asking
Ask politely if he can borrow yours
Start talking to you and drop the question if he can borrow your pencil
Ask someone else
Ask everyone around you, except you

Question 3:You drop some papers and books in front of him, does he:
Ignore you and stay put
Ignore you and walk away laughing
Help and offer to hold them for you
Pretend not to notice

Question 4:You're upset, does he:
Ignore you
Ask what’s wrong then walk away
Ask what’s wrong and stay until you're okay
Get to the source of the problem and sort it out for you
Offer you a tissue

Question 5:You're walking home and he comes up behind you, does he:
Walk straight past, talking and laughing to his mates
Ask is you want to walk with him and his mates
Say hello as he walks past
Knock you on the way past and apologize
Ask if you want to walk with him

Question 6:Prom night is coming up, does he:
Ask someone to be his date
Ask you to be his date
Ask you're friend to be his date
Go alone
Not go

Question 7:You walk past him and his mates in the playground and one of them asks you to go out with him, does he:
Laugh and shrug
Make a big fuss and say it was a joke
Push him out the way and ask you himself
Get angry with his friend
Ignore it and pretend he hasn't heard

Question 8:You ask him if he likes your outfit, does he:
Say yes and tell you why
Tell you how fab you look, as always
Say yes
Say no

Question 9:You've been teamed up to do research for a topic in class, does he:
Just get on with it, making as little conversation as possible
Make it fun and roll off some of his best jokes
Get on with it and have small conversations
Ask to work with someone else
Spend most of the time talking to his friends

Question 10:In an exam he's sitting right next to you, does he:
Get on with his work
Keep glancing at you (you, not your exam!)
Whisper good luck
Lean with his back to you
Smile when you make eye contact

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