Is he the right one for you?
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Is he the right one for you?

This is for the confused college students out there.

Question 1:   When you see the guy you like on Campus, does he:
wave and smile
Ignore you
Walk over to you
call out your name

Question 2:   IF you are watching T.V. alone in your hall lobby, does he:
Sit and watch with you on a different couch
Say hi and then leave
Leave and ignore you
Sit next to you on the couch
change to channel to something else and ignore you

Question 3:   How many times has he come across you and your friends talking about him?
more then 10
less then 7
less than 5
less then 2

Question 4:   How many times does he walk by your room?
He has to, it is on the way to the bathroom

Question 5:   Does he ever hang out with you and your friends?
Yes, always we share the same friends
Yes, but he doesn’t like them
Sometimes, he hangs with my roommate
no, never

Question 6:   Does he ever initiate activities?
no, never talks to me
Sometimes, but it is through my roommate
Sometimes, but with a group
Always, we never separate

Question 7:   Has he ever cooked for you?
EWWWWW! I would rather eat bird shit
yeah, but he was experimenting
sometimes, but he doesn’t eat it
always, chef boy-r-dee is our friend
Mac and cheese, here we come

Question 8:   When you watched a scary movie with him did he:
Cuddle with you during the scary parts
laugh at you when you jumped ten feet
look at you from across the room at the scary parts for reassurance
No, we have never watched a scary movie

Question 9:   When you went to his room, did he:
Show you pictures of himself
introduce you to whoever was there and then ignore them
introduce you to whoever was there and then ignore you
slammed the door shut
too scared to go for a visit

Question 10:   Does he know you like him?
Yeah, you told the whole dorm and it "somehow" got out
Yeah, you told him yourself and he gave you a disgusted look
Yeah, you told him and he smiled
People have hinted but nothing is for certain
No, you have never had the guts to talk to him, let alone utter his name.

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