Is your boyfriend right for you?
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Is your boyfriend right for you?

See if the man of your dreams is THE ONE you want!

Question 1:   You want a man who is:
Good personality
Would be a great husband and father
Hot and Sexy

Question 2:   Your boyfriend likes to:
Talk about your future together
Hold your hand and kiss you
Make you laugh
Give gifts and flowers to you

Question 3:   Is your boyfriend really hot?
Maybe, but I love his gifts!
Maybe, but I love his personality.
I don't care, just care about his love for me!
Oh, yeah!

Question 4:   Do you think your boyfriend is cheating on you?
I hope not...then how can I get that cute little teddy bear?
No way! He's too nice to do that to me!
If he is, I'll break up with him!
Who cares? He loves me doesn't he?

Question 5:   Do YOU think he's the best match for you?
I don't care, he's so cool!
YES! He's hot, sexy, what else could I ask for?
Either way, he's sweet
I've got the wedding planned and everything!

Question 6:   What is the best quality about him?
He always takes time to make me laugh.
He seems to have a good attitude towards me and others
He's so nice to me.
His smile, his hair, his face, even his butt!

Question 7:   What's the best thing he's done to you?
Can I tell you what he got for me for my b-day?
A big smooch on the lips...maybe something more
He's been there for me
He cheered me up after something bad happened.

Question 8:   Do you think he loves you?
Yes! I've gotten A bizillion things from him!
If he didn't I wouldn't like him either!
Hey...I'm hot aren't I?
Either way, he's so cool.

Question 9:   What did he do on your birthday or Christmas? (If you haven’t been going out, what do you think he'll do?
Talk to me a lot
Buy practically the whole mall for me!
Take me out.
Spend time with me

Question 10:   Does he take you away from the things of life?
Not really, but he does interfere with my stuff.
He's all I care about!
No. He sweet, but not THAT sweet
No, actually he likes me to have fun with other things too.

Question 11:   Is he really popular with other people?
Maybe, either way, he's so cool!
Oh, yeah! He's the hottest kid around!
I don't care about whether he is or not...I just love him!
A little. People like him because he's sweet.

Question 12:   What would he do if he won a million bucks?
Go on vacation, maybe with you
Buy a hot tub, a Ferrari, and maybe surgery to make him even hotter!
Ask you what to do
Awww, buy something for you, of course!

Question 13:   What would he buy you?
Something really romantic
a new board game
It doesn't matter to him, he knows you love him no matter what

Question 14:   If you got married, what would you both do?
spend time together, maybe have kids
go out together somewhere, maybe vacation
Go shopping just for you!
um...he he he

Question 15:   What's his favorite thing to do WITHOUT you?
Help out somewhere, it could be a job
Think things ahead and plan where he'll be
Spend time with girls, even if he doesn't like them
Make people laugh or talk with other people

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