Is your guy right for YOU?
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Is your guy right for YOU?

So you see the love of your life in the hall... but is he REALLY the kind of guy you want to like? Take the test and find out!

Question 1:   What kind of clothes does he wear?
ONLY designer clothes and suits
T-shirt and loose jeans
Tight leather pants and a sparkly orange shirt
slacks and a homemade sweater, loafers

Question 2:   What music do you think he likes?
Punk Rock
Oriental/Yoga type music
Music? Why would you listen to that racket!

Question 3:   When he sees a hot girl, how does he think/react?
Try to talk to her but can't seem to get more than 2 non-scientific words out of his mouth
Ignore her
Think about her for awhile, then continue whatever he was doing
Tries to impress her with money/cars, ect.

Question 4:   Does he ever talk to you?
Rarely, whenever he's not doing his homework or a science fair project
Occasionally, but mostly just when you talk to him first
Rarely to Never, he doesn't take much interest in talking with girls
Never, he has much more 'important' things to do

Question 5:   What matters most to him?
His social status, Cars, Money
Clothes, his appearance
Grades, Homework
Family, Friends, Sports

Question 6:   What is his physical appearance like?
Hair is oily and shiny, not well -groomed
Every hair in perfect place in an old fashioned comb-over, clean
Always much to neat, hair in a different style every day
Nice hair, slightly messy, but still well groomed

Question 7:   If you were staring at him and he noticed, what would he do?
Ignore it or be grossed out
Roll his eyes, scoff, or laugh at you
Smile, wink, or turn away
blush and look away embarrassed

Question 8:   If he had to be in one extra-curricular activity, what would it be?
Chess Club
Cheerleading or Dance Team
Soccer, basketball, track or another sport with lots of physical requirements

Question 9:   Where would he prefer to eat?
Pizza or fast food, anything inexpensive
Some fancy restaurant with five stars that’s really expensive
At home or the cafeteria
The mall

Question 10:   Where/What does he spend most of his time doing?
Clothes or the mall
Home or school
Shopping(really expensive!)

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