Could He Be the One?

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Hey girls, we all crush on that one special guy. He's cute, athletic, popular, funny what's there not to like! But then he goes off and dates another girl because their friends and she's pretty and popular....but you still feel like there's a connection between the two of you, right? Well hopefully this quiz will keep your hopes alive or wake you up and push you to move forward. Trust me, I can relate. I really liked this guy. He was cute, athletic, popular, funny and for us that's about everything we look for in a guy. Well for three years I liked him, you know here and there, and I would catch him glancing at me, next to me, trying to make me laugh. I wanted to believe he liked me and only me. But one day he went out with his popular and pretty friend. They've been going out for quite sometime now and I've had to learn the hard way about how it feels when you cant be with that one special person. We like the guy so much we take reality and make it what we want, a fantasy. He could have been looking at his friend behind me but I made myself believe he was gazing into my eyes. See how this happens! But common girls I'm talking about the real boys you could have a chance with, not celebrities. Think about this though, there could be a guy at your school or a friend who really, really likes you - just like you love your crush. And maybe if you found out you would probably act the way your crush is acting towards you. Come one, let's be honest if you don't really know the person it would be kind of awkward, right. Anyway I hope this quiz will help you move on like I did and in the end it will all so totally be worth it. Commit and make it possible(:

  • 1
    Does he look at you during class or just outside?

    -and I mean like glancing back and forth at you and smiling NOT just simply looking around. If you want to know the truth you have to be totally honest.
  • 2
    Do you catch him standing next to you all the time?
  • 3
    Does he ever talk about you to his friends? (in a good way of course!)
  • 4
    Do the two of you ever have a real conversation?
  • 5
    Do you share interests?
  • 6
    Do you hang out with him all of the time?
  • 7
    Do you make him really, truly laugh?
  • 8
    Does he give you complements?
  • 9
    Does he suddenly act strange around you and nervous?
  • 10
    Has he invited you to go somewhere with him?
  • 11
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 12
    Do they really like each other? (not faking it)
  • 13
    Does he always talk about her?
  • 14
    Is he your only crush at the moment?
  • 15
    Do you truly know the real him?
  • 16
    Now think over everything and about all the reasons you like him and why you think he likes you. Now consider the option that you could have made yourself believe something fake to be real. Are you having second thoughts?
  • 17
    Does he hit on a lot of girls(is he flirty)?
  • 18
    Has anyone told you he likes you?
  • 19
    Does he ask if your with (dating) anyone?
  • 20
    Is he always trying to talk to you? Like asking for your number, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Email and then constantly trying to talk with you?

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173 days ago
Hi i do recommend more choices the yes and no is a little irritating cos some people might be like 'we sometimes talk' but all they can say is 'yes we always talk' or 'no we dont talk'.
308 days ago
I can't even finish the test because half of the questions I don't know. So I recommend a "Idk" choice.
311 days ago
he said that id be his ******* a couple of days ago.. ig its all good
311 days ago
oh well... he said he used to like me...
314 days ago
So I started dating my crush on 03, 25, 2022 and it was amazing, I thought that he liked the popular girl in our math class, and he said that he used to before I got transferred into the school and I got there at the end of 1st quarter and currently we are starting the 4th and he was mad because we liked each other for so long but none of us knew that we both liked each other. Then his BFF and my BFF are dating and they kissed today, and that left me thinking about me and him kissing, then I took this test and it told for me to wait, I mean he's kinda shy, so I'll wait, as long as needed
369 days ago
I am 13, a girl, and I’ve within the last few months started having a crush on one of my lifelong guy bestfriends… I took the quiz, and it basically said that I am totally ready, and that I should go for it with my crush and see how it goes! That makes me happy, but I still feel SO MUCH DOUBT!! I feel super free around him, he makes me so happy, and I really do LIKE him. Idk what to do… and then there is the fact that he is about 1-2 yrs younger, but he is really kinda givin me the clue, that he likes me too. (Lol that rhymes😂) I am SUCH a simp, and have been recently been watching WAY too much “Today I tried to kiss my best friend” TikTok contemplations, but I really think that I have been seeing him try to drop subliminal hints tho. I want to try it and see, but like almost all of us that have taken this quiz, I have a -10 on the “telling him” scale. All I’m trying to say is…

417 days ago
I don’t think he likes me, or even anyone, in fact. I mean, I am only 10 and I started taking these love tests around when I was 7-
418 days ago
I’m sad my crush is not into me :( I bet he’s into this popular girl who is always bragging how rich she is I wonder if he likes her cuz she’s rich or ‘cute’ but I really want him to like me because we sit next to each other 40% of the time we change seats, but if he is sitting near the popular girl they talk all the time and that makes me a *bit* jelly. Last year when we were sitting next to each other he used to kinda flirt with me like take my pencil and stuff, and he also was at the swimming carnival my best friend asked him if he likes me and he said I’m not saying which made sense it was a yes but he way to shy to say it, and the popular girl wasn’t in his class but he was in my class last year…but now everyone
Ships THEM with him. Only one of my friends ship me with him. :( :)
441 days ago
Ok so its kind of weird. At first he was that annoying guy who sits next to me in math and he would bother me and hit me with a pencil and ask me for answers, and I would try to get as far away from him as I could. Then idk what happened but then he started talking about this girl he liked, and how they always hung out. Then he just told me that he only liked that girl as a friend, and then he started saying how he doesn't like her at all anymore. Ever since then he started focusing on the math more than bothering me and it felt weird. I wanted to talk to him but he would shush me and smile. When the teacher wasn't talking we would joke around and laugh. We had some physical contact like playing with each others hands or pressing up his leg against mine or tapping (More like hitting) my shoulder to get my attention. We would always laugh together and talk and joke around and I started getting that feeling that I liked him. Then I asked him if I was his friend and he said yes. At band class later I was practicing drums on the stage which is connected to the gym where he was playing basketball and He was staring at me and smiling and I was staring back and also smiling. I think he only sees me as a friend and i'm fine with that. It will just take some time for me to convince myself that we are just friends and that I don't like him. But he is special and funny and i'm glad i'm his friend.
444 days ago
For idk anymore. Depending on where you live it might be the last grade in your school until high school/middle school/junior high so even if it isnt the last grade just go for it. What is the worse that could happen? If he rejects you then he rejects you. It is only awkward if you make it awkward so if he rejects you then dont pretend like nothing happened, just treat him like a normal classmate. I was rejected early this year and i am 12 (grade 7) but nothing is awkward between her and I. Just if he does reject him then a couple of weeks later you should make up someone from outside of school (youth group or sports) and say they are your new crush and dont directly say it to him just be open about enough that he knows. If he knows that you arent heartbroken or anything then things really wont be awkward. Have a plan of what to say if he rejects you or else it will be a little awkward.
449 days ago
I rlly hope nobody I know sees this I’m starting to regret this :/
449 days ago
So it says he isn’t that interested in me and I should get to know him more. His name is Teddy and he’s a trans guy (ftm) he doesn’t have a girlfriend but he’s always staring at this girl and I feel so jealous. He’s been my friend for a couple months and he’s friendly with me but we haven’t talked much lately. He told me he reminds me of one of his other friends.. I told my friend I like him and she ships it but nobody else knows. We share a few interests but he’s always busy or talking to someone else when I want to start a conversation at school. He’s really cute, tall, and has a good personality. He’s kind to most people and seems caring, too. Yesterday when I was trying to play a game at school he randomly made eye contact with me for like at least 10 seconds but I just think he thinks I’m weird. I wish he would like me but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen and I’m beginning to give up because I’m so shy.. i like him too much
I think. I’m eleven btw and everyone says that like young kids can’t love and they just have crushes to have crushes but like that’s not really always true. I want to know what he thinks of me and I care. I think he would be surprised if he knew I liked him. Idk anymore I spent 10 minutes writing this
574 days ago
He only likes me as a friend but I have a pretty big crush on him. His name is Andy and he is everything the introduction has described!
579 days ago
He's so HANSOME! Like omg we don't talk much I've only ever said hi to him 😳😅 his name is Zethlen blonde hair blue eyes super handsome I CANT STOP LOOKING AT HIM 😍😅🤗😳
602 days ago
So I like this guy named Tyler, and I love him a lot and we were like pretty close within the last 2 years but now I barely see him due to covid and stuff but I have talked to him once this year about 3 months ago. I keep having dreams about him and I worry that he's moved on from me despite all that we've been through. I need advice, what should I do? I have classes with him (btw I'm a sophomore in highschool) but I don't really get the opportunity to speak to him, however I have his snap, so that's okay ig even though I don't have snapchat. Also Tyler, if you ever read this, you know who I am. Guys, what should I do please helpppp :/
602 days ago
aliyah gross him out or something to make him not like you anymore. Find out what gets on his nerves and do it so he becomes unattracted to you.
612 days ago
@s t r a n g e r

did he say yes?!?!?
612 days ago

This guy is like constantly flirting with me, even though he know's I'm not attracted to guys. like heelp I need to get him off my back!!!
632 days ago
That quiz bio for this is literally exactly what I have been through, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if I typed it MYSELF, let alone made this quiz. You couldn't have said it any better, I'm glad somebody understands the feeling. Also, I have loved MY crush for 3 years, and he is dating his on for one year, off the next, on again the following year pretty popular girlfriend, and we were both really good friends to the point that I thought he was falling for me like I was falling for him. But he had a girlfriend, and had I not known that I would've made a move. Glad I didn't at the time though, lol. I feel like with the friendship we had, anything could happen with me and him. ANYTHING. I believe that for everyone too. Don't assume everything is impossible when the opportunity is sitting right in front of you. If you care enough, you will make things HAPPEN. I did, and I can't say enough how glad I am that I jumped on an opportunity. DO it guys, it's worth it. That person you've liked for a while but never said anything? They're worth it. And to be honest, hiding your feelings from them will only hurt YOU, not them. And telling them how you feel is like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. For those who have their eyes on a hot-tempered person, you may not wanna spill everything out to them all at once, because hey... some people just can't handle it. But if the time is right, the person is right, and your intentions are right, then everything should just go... right. And remember, nothing is ever IMPOSSIBLE. Trust me. God bless you guys :)
654 days ago
cool he likes me a lot.....but the only thing is that i only like him as a friend i mean really good friends but nothing more.....yet.Maybe that will change in the future though :)