Are You Just FWB, Or Is He The One? Quiz

Want to know if you two are meant to be - or just fwb? Find out now, "Are we more than just friends with benefits?" If you want more (or if he does and you don't), you'll want to try this test and see what's really going on between you.

Good luck! I hope it works out how you want it to!

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    Is your relationship just sex, or do you sometimes just talk and cuddle?

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735 days ago
david witzke you are not the only gay guy taking this
1537 days ago
Omg last night so our parents our friends we r friends his sis my sis r friends so the whole
Three hours we played Mario kart for like 30 min and then all we did was wrestle!! So fun we picked each other up (we r swimmers and strong so we could do it lol) and lates I’m eaxh other and pushed each other
Do u think he likes me
1617 days ago
I think so! Don’t you hate the letter requirement on comments here?
1769 days ago
Am I the only gay guy taking this test?
1815 days ago
We get a bit carried away once we hook up somewhere. Like it goes from hugging to kissing to making out, but he has a GF.. I love him so much but his GF has been my enemy long before they got together :'(
1896 days ago
Y isn’t there “we haven’t kissed before”
1991 days ago
Why isnt there a "no" option?