Is he the one? Have I met my soulmate? (quiz for middle school girls)

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Dying to find out if your special someone is crushing back on you? Take this quiz to find out.

  • 1
    Do you really, really like him?
  • 2
    Do you see him around?
  • 3
    Does he know you exist?

  • 4
    Is he dating anyone?
  • 5
    Has he ever given you a polite compliment?
  • 6
    Does his friends know you?

  • 7
    Does he smile around you?
  • 8
    Do you know something majority to the population doesn't? (Ex: phone number, family members, secrets, home)
  • 9
    Does he make time to spend with you? (It counts even if you're not alone with each other)
  • 10
    How long have you known each other?

Comments (21)


8 days ago
90% yall im so happy
10 days ago
Y’all gurls out there… ur slaying life. KEEP GOING

10 days ago
I have the biggest crush on this guy, and me and my friends came up with a code name for him. It’s chicken. 😅 don’t ask lol

I swear he’s the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen…. Maybe-

Short brown curly hair, brown eyes, freckles, and he’s super athletic and a little bit taller than me. (I’m a little above 5’5)

I’m like 95% sure he likes me back.. 🥴

He’s 100% the weirdest and funniest boy I’ve ever met..
He’s in a few of my classes and I’m always just sitting there trying not to die from holding in laughter- it’s embarrassing but heyy idc 😂
34 days ago
I love him sooo much he has such a great sense of humor ❤️
34 days ago
I’m in deeeep love with the last person would ever think I would be in love and I know for a fact that he has a crush he always follows me around literally he fought his friend over a chair to sit next to me he tries to act like he doesn’t like me but he actually makes it really obvious and doesn’t know it his friends say he likes me he knows I like him something inside me tells me that one day we will end up together and that we r soulmates for life!!
169 days ago
Soooooo. Me and my crush were emailing, and I told him to say no to the question I'm about to ask you. And he said "why, now I want to know" and I said, "BC the question is do you like me, and I know it's a no, but I need u to say it." And he said " I knew you were going to ask that". And I was so confused. But anyway he told me "kinda" that he kinda likes me!!!! Does that mean not really??!?! Idk!!! And I told him that I like him. And then he asked me how I was, and we talked. But the thing is, is that I moved schools, so we actually haven't seen each other since 3 months. And we haven't seen each other since our confession too😒😐 soooooo. I took this test BC we have a lot in common. We even both love cats!! Like A LOT. (Don't judge) and he's my zodiacs soulmate sign, soooo, I don't really think he likes me enough to one day love me.😞 (sorry this comment was so long. Lol)
399 days ago
Ack this scares me so much I got 80 and he's my friend but we've only gone to the same school for like 5-6 months
752 days ago
Omg he dose like me and I like him so we go together so we'll!!!!!
787 days ago
Practically all his friends like me. Weird.
1013 days ago
I only took this quiz because my bf and I have been distant lately and he tried to reensure me that he still wants me but idk if hes lying to keep me happy
1196 days ago
Angela,just ask him drop hints I bet he likes you and if he doesn't it's his loss and you can do better take it frome me just do it.
1297 days ago
Surprise! He likes you, but he has problems expressing it. Sometimes he'll deny his crush or act all mean so no one else will suspect anything. But deep inside, he knows you're his soul mate. Give it a while, and if it's been too long, go ahead and ask him out. You go, girl!
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So what do I do guys I’m gonna tell him
1475 days ago
It say that I like him and his brother say he likes me so he probably does
1587 days ago
Ya! It said he likes me but doesn't do anything to realy show it but I like him tho it's kinda weird cause it's my brothers friend
1600 days ago
He is telling all my friends he wants to ask me out but is really nervous!
1823 days ago
Woooww he likes me! So happy!
2377 days ago
This guy is my ex and i know he still loves me but he is pretending.Fake quize
2399 days ago
i took this because my crush keeps dropping hints and i wanted to be sure i wasnt going or anything...when i passed him a note in class when in the middle ish of the school year of grade 7, i asked him and he said as friends with a WINKIE FACE!!!!!! then i put okay...i guess with a straight face cuz i knew he liked me in grade 6!! i was like wholey sh!@ this boy don't that i know he likes me...but i kept those feelings in my head soooo yeah and this was in the library and we sat next to each other!!! i almost died when he sat next to me
2444 days ago
ok.... i enjoy the test
2446 days ago
He is dating my best friend. So it is pretty weird. But I like him, still...