Is your crush the right one?

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Find out if the "perfect" guy you're crushing on is the one for You, or not.

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    Do you talk to each other much?

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360 days ago
this was my answer anyone else get this: WOOOO! GIRRRLLL
Okay, so he CLEARLY likes you. I mean, if he's a bad boy then 💗nn you're lucky. But maybe just talk to him and get to know more about him and his likes, if you make a good impression, then you might be having a date come up in a week or so! Just have fun in the moment! Whether it's Going to last, or not.
426 days ago
My crush Noah, I think he's haunting me in my Dreams! 🤣 He pops up in my dreams, and at the end of each dream, he kisses me. Who think that's creepy!? 😳 🤣
616 days ago
He laughs in a nervous way
946 days ago
love it! the application is sort of right u know!
999 days ago
The thing the quiz failed to see is hes dating my best friend. But other that that OH ITS FINE. Ugh
1036 days ago
Note for girls if having same situation!!!My phone is for playing not texting its my dads old phone soooooo ya when I text it say "sorry cant text phone is offline"!!!!!
1036 days ago
IT worked it said he liked mean and when the homecoming came he asked for a dance were like brother and sister
1052 days ago
I’d be the type of person I say, “It’s only a silly crush!” Then imagine our lives together.
1080 days ago
This is the fifth test an the only one that said he didn’t like me...
1088 days ago
1088 days ago
I hate when quizzes ask 'does he text you?' because he doesn't have a phone yet. I don't want to give out my age... but neither of us are old enough for a phone... please don't not answer my next question just because im kinda young.... Ok, so every other quiz says we're just friends, and ive seen him with someother girls who he seems to be more friendly with, like I said im kinda young, so I don't really think itd be right to ask them if they think he likes them, and there are a lot of them. so anyone think he likes me or if hes just friends with me and those other girls... please give me an answer, some of you older people with more experience. pleasepleaseplease!
thx in advance, Hugsandkisses.
1111 days ago
i just started high school this year and I am having a bad year with guys. But since I met new people there is this one guy that I really like but I don’t think he likes me at all. The test said he was the one and all of that but I still don’t know if he likes me. When he talks to me his face goes a little red and kinda mumbles a little bit. But I don’t to think it mean anything
1123 days ago
I love this website
1137 days ago
To HNXM: HE IS THE ONE!!!! It's so OBVIOUS! And if you're still having doubts, try to at least find three reasons he's not "the one" . If you can't, then yeah, you are meant for each other. Comment again if he's not the right one,and if so, I'll give you my email and give some tips through that. Dating secrets given may be shared to anyone, I don't even care if you say that you are the one who figured it out.
Best of luck,
1137 days ago
Alright, Alex! Here's the deal. He's either a) avoiding you BECAUSE he likes you, b) avoiding you because of his newfound crush or c) he thinks you'll hold it against him if he decides to date someone else.
What do you do about it? Text him. Not a million bazillion times, but once. Ask him what's going on? Tell him you heard he has a crush on some one else, but that you're okAy with it. If he doesn't respond, screw him. You need someone better than him anyway.
Good luck from
1144 days ago
OK girls. THis dude told me he likes me but doesn’t want to date. We traded numbers and talked nonstop for two months then he just stopped. He hasn’t talked to me for a good three months. SO I need advice. He went to highschool and I can’t see him. Apparently he also has a crush on someone else. I Saw him somewhere he passed by me and didn’t say anything. I don’t know what to do because again he said he really likes me but he said he doesn’t want to date me. (Also I’m an introvert so I can cant call him. Please help.) PLEASE HELPPLEASE HELP
1165 days ago
I am 10 and this quiz did nothing to help me, it makes sense tho and there was another test I took and I said he 50% likes me :D I believe that more then this quiz >->
1177 days ago
I have tried my other friends and me and Pedro have the highest score and my friends are like under 30
1177 days ago
The boys name is Pedro and he he is 8 and I am 8 and he is in my class
1177 days ago
Am I the only person in 3rd grade and plays this game and he has a crush on me too and he makes me laugh and one day in music my music teacher said listen and don’t look at girls and then the other people in their laughed at him and he actually was looking at me