Is My Girlfriend The Right One For Me? Quiz

You have a girlfriend, which is good...or is it? Are you questioning in your heart of hearts whether she's the right one for you? Maybe you've been feeling unsure lately? Take my quiz now and get the answers you're seeking. It should at least help you think clearly.

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    Is she overprotective?
    Is she overprotective?

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118 days ago
We are 80% its just unlucky she has the clap:(
139 days ago
She's not overprotective (the wild beasts can have me)!
She makes me feel important ("Supervillains bow at your knee")!
She doesn't talk to other guys (She doesn't like any)!
She talks to me like all the time (about how I'm smelly)!
She always makes me smile (every time she leave)!
Does things I wanna do ("I'm president. You'll never achieve")!
Knows everything about me (credit card and location)!
She's everything to me (well I guess she rules the nation)!
298 days ago
I have been with my girlfriend for almost a year now, and recently I’ve been feeling like we aren’t right for each other, I took this quiz and got a 40%. So I guess I was right? I don’t really know.
345 days ago
i got 50% but i have a shot
363 days ago
I Am In LoVe WiTh mY bEsT FrIeNd. She ain't dropping any hints for me to work with. I hAvE dOnE 24 QuizzEs. I can't ask her out because i'm scared that'll ruin our friendship but eeeeeeee. HeLp Me. Also we're same gender so that adds a WhOlE lot more complicstion.
374 days ago
Not me just taking this quiz bcoc I'm bored and 🐬 lmaoo I have a bf and he's my everything so uh cheers?😊
553 days ago
In loving girlfriend for me
581 days ago
Not this test calling me a man lmao thanks but Im just gay
617 days ago
i am a girl and i have a girlfiend i got 90percent
637 days ago
I'm a girl. I have a boyfriend. Im bored and I took this quiz . Did you just say I can be his best friend?! What the heck-
677 days ago
Im not sure I have a gf too (tho im a guy) and quarantine is tough. We text and call a lot. Reminding eachother that its worth it helps. Sorry for trash advice lolllllll
687 days ago
I love my girlfriend (yeet im lesbian) but I'm worried since a lot is happening to us in quarantine...
Please reply if you have any ideas to help us actually have fun and stuff so we dont break up... :)
691 days ago
I Think That It's Elianna That I Keep Thinking About Over A Long Distance. We Both Have Two Things In Common. Bowling And Speaking Peacefully. Don't Mess Up This Future Opportunity Within 2023. Thank You For The Test!
704 days ago
78% got the same "keeper" result as me?
This test's only value is getting the test taker to form an opinion more clearly, or even hope for a certain outcome.
721 days ago
I don’t know if this would send or anything but here it goes,I started dating this girl literally hours before we went on a holiday break in my university and it was pretty normal cause I was thinking oh well it’s just a two week long break. But then, Corona happened and it was extended until further notice.It’s beginning to seem like a long distance relationship seeing how we don’t even know when schools would reopen and I can’t help but think if I would even get to see her this year.its messing with me badly and I can’t help but think things are a bit boring now although it’s only been a few months since we started dating and all
726 days ago
im in a relationship to were my mother dont wont me dating her because well shes a pot head and im a football player but the thing is im truly in love with girl every time shes near me i smile and just hug her idk shes just angel that fell right into my life ( i need some advice )
735 days ago
im in a relationship with my first girlfriend (im a girl) and its been amazing,
i love her. i love you Elaena
833 days ago
So I’m switching schools and I thought my girlfriend would be fine with it. Of course I knew it wouldn’t be easy but, now she’s saying “my last long distance relationship didn’t work so this won’t”. I really love her but after she said that I was thinking... did she ever truly feel the same?? Or was I just a little fling?.. I’m in a really weird situation.
884 days ago
I gotta 😻 guys brb
1024 days ago
I love my girl more than anything. I am with he everyday and she makes me feel superhuman. Grace, if you are reading this then always remember I love you. From Jo C-S.