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How Do I Feel About Him? Quiz

How Do I Feel About Him? Quiz

Love, Lust Or Infatuation? Quiz

Love, Lust Or Infatuation? Quiz


Is it love, like, or lust? Quiz


Love or Lust?


Are you in love, lust, or just have problems? Quiz

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903 days ago
Maya of course he likes you back it is undeniable!!!!!!
Ill love to know if my crush liked me that way!!!!😍
I just really love him!!!!😊😊😊
1064 days ago
Hello- I think you can both like each other and still not date, it might be hard since you both like each other and you want to date but you have to respect that your parents don't want you to date. Try telling your parents about what happened and the notes, also tell your crush that you like him but aren't allowed to date. Good luck

Also i need a little help also....

So I have a huge crush on a guy I've known for a little less then a year. When were saw each other for t the second time he asked for my number and since we've been quarantine we've been texting and calling each other at least every other day for hours. We're in a class with about 14 people and all of them say we like each other and we should date ( and he doesn't deny it, he'll just look at me and smile) Then if were sitting across from each other or if he's right in front of me he'll stare at me ( for what honesty feels like hours😍) There have been been times were he'd flirt with me ( idk it could just be for fun🤷) but I really really like him. Do you like he likes me back??
1069 days ago
Trust me this will not be boring so... i LOVE this boy from my home-school group(yes i'm home-schooled)and he likes me back... how do i know? because he gave me a note asking me out, so now you may assume that we are dating well no i'm not aloud to date and i can't date for another year at the least! So then a few weeks after the first note he gave me a second one about how he is secretly a victim of depression and has suicidal thoughts and when those thoughts come he thinks of me and everyone else who loves him so i read that and then hi family goes to Russia for Christmas for three months!!! So then he gave me two more notes one of them said that he was going to Russia for three months and that we are dating now and the other one said "I'm sorry if this sounds weird but i love you i'm going to miss you" so when he came back from Russia i ran up to him and quickly said... 'JUSTsoYOUknowWEREjustFRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so i can't date and clearly he likes me

so basically help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!