Does he really love you, or is it just lust?
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Does he really love you, or is it just lust?

Test yourself to see if your partner really loves you or if it's just lust! You might be surprised by your answer...!

Question 1:It's friday night and you're all alone, where is your partner?
Out with his friends, even though they made plans with you.
Out with their friends, they needs there friend time too!
Sleeping from a long week at school/work, but you have plans for tomorrow.
Getting ready to see you in a hour, duh!
Who knows where they are, they never tell me!

Question 2:You just got back from a week long trip to Hawaii with your friends, when does your partner come to see you?
They leave work to come to the air port to pick you up!
They leave work to see you right when you get home.
Right after they get off work.
When he gets done hanging with his friends
In a day or two, they have stuff to do!

Question 3:What is the first thing they say to you?
So what's there name?
I missed you so much, lets never be apart again!!
Wow! Cool shirt, did you buy that there?
So how was the trip, tell me everything!
How about you don't talk, my head really hurts...

Question 4:Where do they take you on dates?
Dates, we don't go on dates!
What's a date?
To wherever I feel like!
To some place special.
To a movie, so we won't have to talk much.

Question 5:How long have you guys been together?
7 months to a year
More than a year
1-2 months
3-4 months
5-6 months

Question 6:What was the last time they told you they love you?
Like 5 mins ago!
A few days ago
Who knows, I wasn't listening to them.
I can't remember

Question 7:When they tell you they love you, do you think they mean it?
For sure!
I think so.
I have no idea!
They have never said it
I think so, but I don't know

Question 8:How often do they tell you nice things about yourself?
A little too much...
We don't talk...

Question 9:Do you think you really love them?
I think so
I don’t really know...
Maybe some day

Question 10:When they hold you, what are they else are you doing?
Watching Tv.
Closing their eyes taking in the moment.
Telling you they love you.
We never hold each other.

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