Are you in love?
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Are you in love?

Are you confused about what love is? Not sure whether you are in love with your partner or still in lust. Take this test to help determine your feelings about your partner.

Question 1:Do you constantly think about your partner and find that certain things are always reminding of them?
Question 2:When out with your friends, is your partner the only person you seem to be interested in talking about?
Question 3:When with your partner, do you feel that nothing can stand in your way?
Question 4:Spending time with your partner makes you so happy that you want to scream?
Question 5:When on the phone with your partner and the call is about to be ended, do you get upset that you have to say good-bye?
Question 6:Do you worry about your partner when they are not with you?
Question 7:Do you prefer to spend time with your partner rather than your best friends?
Question 8:Has your partner met your family?
Question 9:Are they impressed?
Question 10:Do you care if they aren't?
Question 11:Under the Christmas tree is your partners' present heaps more expensive than say your mothers or fathers present?
Question 12:Has your partner spoke about a future with you?
Question 13:Do you have the same interests?
Question 14:Have you ever fought or argued?
Question 15:Did you feel really bad afterwards?
Question 16:Do you and your partner live together?
Question 17:Everytime you see your partner, is there a smile on your face?
Question 18:Does your partner make you feel really special in ways un-imaginable?
Question 19:Do you have complete trust in your partner, no matter what?
Question 20:Only 10 more questions, almost there! Can you stand to be away from your partner for a lengthy period of time?
Question 21:They say laughter is the key to all good relationships. Does your partner make you laugh?
Question 22:Would you do anything within your power to make your partner happy?
Question 23:Even if it meant you sleeping on the floor because they wanted the bed to themselves? (It's a single bed at your partners great aunts', best friends, sisters, daughters' cousins house)
Question 24:You didn't even want to go to your partners great aunts' best friends, sisters, daughters' cousins house did you?
Question 25:But you went to make your partner happy right?
Question 26:As every couple knows, its good to get along with your partners family, if you don't it may put stress on the relationship. Do you get along alright?
Question 27:Do you believe that your partner may be the one?
Question 28:Have you ever told your partner you don't want to go to the pub or some thing with them because you're not feeling the best?(when really you just don't want to go)
Question 29:Are you and your partner supportive of each other?
Question 30:Final Question: Is your partner the last person you think about at night and the first person you think about of a morning?

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